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    The Goods and Bads of Rift

    For those who plan on trying Rift when it comes out or already have tried it in the beta, What is it that has caught your attention and either sparked interest to play the game or not?

    Things that caught my eye and have made me want to play:

    Complete UI customization without use of addons - you have a feature built into the game to move any piece of your default ui to place it wherever you want

    Advanced character customization - not as in depth as Aion (which is a good thing since people in aion made toons 2 ft tall to glitch the targeting system) but MUCH more in depth then WoW. you can even go as far as take gear you already have and recolor it however you want

    TALENT TREES! - coolest feature of this game by far, you can mix and match 3 of 10+ different "specs" making a much more versatile player base

    PvE events - one thing I loved from vanilla wow (even if they were bugs and not suppose to happen) was when random mobs would start attacking citys. The rift system of have mobs spawn in random locations around the world and start to attack towns and cities and continue until stopped is amazing.

    The only negative i have is hoping it can keep up and continue to feed in content like wow does to keep the players entertained.

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