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    Probably won't try this for reasons stated earlier in the thread.. (if they had a trial period I'd definitely try it)
    But what does seem like a good thing with this is that the world is actually changing, monsters can take over your quest hubs and instances scale as you level. How it'll turn out however is another thing, guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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    Rift was very generic and even lacking in some features when I tried it. The character creation is actually a bit worse than WoW's, and completely missed a chance at some unique features. All the game has going for it is a somewhat interesting talent system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dairios View Post
    The character creation is actually a bit worse than WoW's, and completely missed a chance at some unique features.
    Oh god, this made me LOL.

    Not saying Rifts character creation is fantastic because it's not, at all, it's complete rubbish... but saying it's worse than WoW's? I thank you for that laugh, good sir

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    I got a chance to try the game during the last beta-event. And I'm looking forward to more in the next one.

    One point that differs greatly is the graphics. Compared to WoW the quality of the graphics is much higher, and it doesn't seem to require as much from the hardware in your computer to run smoothly . But then again I'm playing both games on pretty decent hardware. Wow might have a lower "entry-point".
    When I entered the game the graphics where pretty good, but after setting everything to the highest setting they improved even more. And still no lag og glitches in the graphics.

    Gameplay solo seems pretty much the same as every other MMO out there. You get quests, you finish the task, you deliver the quest. Rinse and repeat. There was however one thing that differs. The rifts.
    The rifts appear randomly around the world, and from the rifts creatures emerge. If you choose to fight the creatures you will get rewarded based on partisipation in the "clearing" of the rift. (at least as a guardian, not quite sure if it's the same for the other faction)

    When it comes to classes one might argue that only 4 classes seem to be a bit few for variation. But there are a number of subclasses under the main class. As you level up you will be allowed 3 subclasses where you can put your "talent-points" As you advance in one tree you will get bonus es from that tree based on the number of points spent on talents in that tree.
    For me the talent trees are a large part of what makes this game interesting. The way it seems now the game will allow for more individual thinking on the players part when it comes to placing talent-points. And a lot more unique builds. Cookiecutter builds never was a great selling point in any game for me, playing a character that has a unique talentbuild, and also a unique playingstyle based on that specc is really alluring to me.

    As for the pvp, dungeon, and guild aspect, Haven't had a chance to try it yet, Hopefully the next beta-event will give me a chance to.

    Will this be a wow-killer?
    Probably not. The main reason I log on to WoW has been the people I play with, not so much the game itself.
    The community in Rift has a great potential, but time will show. Seems to be a much older group of players on the beta at least.

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    When I first saw it I got my hopes up that it was Rifts's not.

    Surprised whoever owns Rifts isn't going after them for the name...
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    Trion's rift is in a whole different format not to mention genre .Palladium have no claim to it.

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    This is World of Warcraft General Discussions. This topic should be in Off-Topic Video Games. However, there are like 10 Rift threads in Off-Topic Video Games already, so I'm just going to lock this and then move the locked topic to the right forum.

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