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    [Biography] Seona

    Name: Seona
    Age: 134
    Race: Sin’dorei
    Gender: Female
    Class: Paladin
    Alignment: Lawful Good


    Over a century ago, Seona was born from a passionate affair between her father and his mistress. Her father grew increasingly restless about his child and the problems she could inflict in both of the lives he lead. And so he thought up a plan, he would erase any sign of the young child, to cover his unfaithful actions towards his wife. So he, in the darkest hours of night - just before daybreak, smuggled her away from her mother and abandoned her at the threshold of Silvermoon’s cathedral. He proceeded to mourn the loss of his only child with her oblivious mother.

    Seona spent the years of her orphaned childhood growing closer and closer to the only benevolent entity she knew, the Light. She devoted years of her life to reciting prayers and memorizing scripture. Her radiant call often echoed through the sun-light corridors of Silvermoon. She was at her most content singing in the chromatic bask of stained glass. This is how her chaste life dawned.

    Seona was mending a set of her robes when shrieks began to emanate from the southern end of the city. Guards rushed to find the source of the outbursts, only to find their deaths. Arthas and his damned scourge had infiltrated Quel’thalas. They were massacring the innocent and ravaging Silvermoon to ruin. Seona did her best, as did the other followers of the Light, to save and help the wounded. But it was to no avail, the Lich King had decimated nigh all of the Quel’dorei, including the few Seona had gotten to know. The Sunwell, now defiled and destroyed, had deserted the elves of their power. Left in the crumbles of a ruined nation, Seona turned to the Light to bolster her stricken faith.

    Her plea was seemingly answered with the emergence of a young prince; Kael’thas Sunstrider rose up from the debris of Silvermoon to lead his people. He reunited the Quel’dorei under a new banner, as the children of the blood. And he left Quel’thalas behind for the strange and broken world of Draenor, to find a new source of power for his people. It was not long until whispers arose that the prince who had once kindled his people’s spirits had seemingly betrayed their trust. Seona was shaken when she heard these rumors but she quickly dismissed them as false.

    Kael’thas finally rendered his promise, he sent Mu’ru, an immense source of power, to his people. What would happen next forever changed Seona. In the wake of what had happened and in her deprivation of energy she began to siphon power from this strange being, under the watch of a priestess named Liadrin. Liadrin and her followers, in their new found power, took up arms against anything that sought to do harm to the Sin’dorei. Seona began to channel her steadfast dedication into learning the art of war and using the Light to smite down her enemies. It wasn’t long before Seona had become a resilient weapon for Liadrin’s Blood Knights. Seona frenzied for power, she used any means to achieve it and justified her actions in the name of the Light.

    Liadrin and her kin were soon humbled by the words of A’dal, and the eventual downfall of the now-corrupt Kael’thas. Seona, now satiated by the reborn Sunwell’s energies, realized the great atrocity she had committed to the Light. She had cruelty siphoned the life of a benevolent and sentient being due to her own pathetic withdrawl. Full of guilt and despair she gouged her own eyes in repentance; she swore never again to be blinded by the lust of power.

    For many years she atoned her wrong doings, she lived a secluded life, fasted, and prayed for the majority of everyday. It was not until the recent Cataclysm and emergence of Deathwing that she realized Azeroth was in impending danger and she could not continue to wallow in guilt forever. It was time for her to act, she must try to restore her people’s now faded splendor and she must try to spread the virtues and temper of the Light.

    Now, Seona’s presence once again graces the halls of Silvermoon, channeling her iron will into preparing for the imminent conflicts to come. However, this time she conveyed her abilities into harboring her allies from the malignant, making sure to keep an unwavering control on herself and on her abilities. Seona was never able to forget the heinous crime she committed against her faith and to this day she continues to live in attrition for her sins.

    Chaste, reserved, compassionate and with unshakable faith, she is willing to serve her people whether in times of peace or of war. A great source of internal (and some external) conflict for Seona is morally deciding what is right and what is wrong. She often has indecision when it comes to more ambiguous decisions, the fact she sees no shades of gray between right and wrong only worsens this problem.

    Seona is relatively short and petite for a typical Blood elf. Both her cheekbones and waist sit unusually high on her body, giving her a rather elongated and slim appearance despite her stature. Her skin, left mostly unscathed by the bleak rays of the sun, is a warm cream color. Strands of rolling apricot hair fall to her shoulders, framing her subtle facial features and upper physique. Her expendable jade eyes often stare futilely into the distance; on occasion she covers them with glasses or a piece of cloth but she often leaves them exposed as a memento of the

    *Note: Looking for feedback to the bio and corrections to my facts/dates. Thanks!
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    okay first off that's a REALLY good drawing!

    second off, everything seems pretty good. At first I thought she was going to be the standard Paladin, but her history gives her a lot more character than the basic "do-good" paladin. She's more penitent than anything. Looking forward to see what you can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod View Post
    okay first off that's a REALLY good drawing!
    Not going to lie, that is a screenshot made pretty with photoshop. I have next to no artistic ability, no one in my family does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Searsha View Post
    Not going to lie, that is a screenshot made pretty with photoshop. I have next to no artistic ability, no one in my family does. D:
    It was either a really good drawing, or a really cool photoshop work

    but how'd you make it? it's really cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod View Post
    It was either a really good drawing, or a really cool photoshop work

    but how'd you make it? it's really cool.
    I set my settings to ultra, take a screenshot, fix any glaring errors/crop it in photoshop. I then play around with the art effects in photoshop/the opacity until I get it the way I want. Some of the ones I have done are more complex like this one of my priest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod View Post
    I'll have to try it sometime, then :d
    I submitted my bio but I have no clue what CRP or SRP stands for. (Been roleplaying for years in-game, new to forum RP).

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    CRP = Comedy Roleplay
    SRP = Serious Roleplay

    in all honesty it doesn't mean all that much anymore... very few comedic roleplays, compared to serious/dramatic ones.

    EDIT: just accepted your app, welcome to the RP forums!

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