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    [BIOS] Styfios's 5 minute characters

    Ok, so I'm kinda back everyone. In my English class, we're writing plays, and we were given a form to fill out that takes approximately 5 minutes, and is meant to fully develop a character, so I thought I would use that form to just try and create multiple characters in this thread. If anyone wants to comment, use the form, etc., please feel free to! ^__^

    I may or may not flesh these characters out more, but if you find one you like, feel free to run with it! Just post in this thread that your taking it or message me or something.

    --choose an object, what qualities does it have?
    --if object were a person, what qualities would s/he have? (elaborate)
    --race? (I had to add this to make it more wow appropriate)
    --what does this character want?
    --what is the greatest fear?
    --what is the deepest secret?
    --who/what is this character's most important being?

    NUMBER 1
    -- Lamp- bright, illuminating, cloth, glass, shiny, hot, yellow-orange, light/dark,
    -- Intellectually bright, illuminating, warm, positive,
    -- Maedra Brightsun
    --Blood Elf
    --Wears cloth robe; warm, summer/fall colors; strawberry blonde hair to shoulders when not in ponytail, but she usually keeps her hair up. Wields a crystalline staff inlaid with rubies.
    --Fire mage; enchanter/tailor
    --Father is a magister in silvermoon, mother died from wounds sustained fighting the undead
    --Lives in Bilgewater Harbor currently
    --To move home to Silvermoon when she can aford it
    --The undead
    --Wishes she was able to become a blacksmith
    --Orphaned tabby she found in Silvermoon.

    NUMBER 2
    --Bowl; thick, tough, hard, holds things, potentially fragile, round
    --Round, thick skinned, tough, secretly friendly, large
    -- Karon Stonehoof
    --Large tauren, about 8ft tall and 450 pounds. Used to be a very dark grey, but is now going white around his muzzle and his eyes. Wears what looks like season 5 gear, without the helmet
    --Warrior, officer of the horde, blacksmith
    --Son currently training to be a druid in moonglade, daughter training to be a shaman; parents dead
    --Resides semi-retired in the Tauren district of Orgrimmar
    --Wants to open his own smithy
    --Fears the death of his children
    --Attacked an innocent village while leading his troops into battle.
    --His two children
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    Great thread! Very useful for coming up with ideas.

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    Mind if I try?
    --Object: Nail - tough, sharp, gets pushed around, reliable
    --Traits: Tough, strong, enduring, has gotten pushed around, trustworthy
    --Name: Gorik Rockcleft
    --Race: Tauren
    --Sex: Male
    --Age: Older adult
    --Appearance: strong, tall, older, black
    --Occupation: traveler/wanderer
    --Family: None that he knows of
    --Habitat: Forests/mountains
    --Wants: Self-purpose discovery
    --Fear: emotionally hurt by someone he loves
    --Secret: he was a slave for years
    --Important thing: his scars, for they are a reminder of what has come to pass
    Hmm....I might have to write a history for my guy, he seems interesting

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