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    (H) <Vigil> of Mal'Ganis 7/12 Heroics- Immediate Raid Spots Open

    UPDATED 1/17

    Vigil is a high-end raiding guild, which formed as a result of a guild merger between Death and Taxes and Aurora on June 13th, 2009.

    Our current WoWProgress ranking: http://www.wowprogre...mal-ganis/Vigil

    As of right now, we’re specifically looking for the following classes:

    Priest (Discipline/Holy) - High
    Mage - Low
    Paladin (Prot) - High
    Paladin (Ret) - High
    Death Knight (Blood) - High
    Druid (Balance) - High
    Shaman (Restoration) - High
    Shaman (Enhancement) - High
    Warlock (Demonology) - Medium
    Warrior (Fury) - Medium

    All exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current need. We are looking to bolster an already powerful roster. We do not recruit people for bench positions - if you apply, expect to raid and raid often.

    Since the creation of Vigil, we boast many top 10 US kills throughout the WOTLK expansion. Our major highlights to date include the World 8th Alone In The Darkness during Ulduar and a World 13th Heroic Halion, as well as top 10 kills throughout Trial of the Grand Champion and Heroic Icecrown Citadel.

    Vigil is home to roughly 30 active raiders. For encounters that demand unique compositions, many of our members maintain raid-ready alts. Loot distribution is handled via dice roll and officer discretion, and loot-related drama is virtually nonexistent, since our members understand loot is a means, not an end.

    Outside of raids, we unwind by playing other games together, such as SC2, WC3, dota, LOL, HoN, and various FPS and RPGs. Our vent conversations are lively and entertaining with a generally warm and friendly atmosphere. We host a weekly rated battleground event comprised of a 10-man and a 15-man team, and are currently undefeated. Our roster also contains several Gladiator level players, and we are home to many top 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 teams on Stormstrike.

    Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of our current need, as we are always trying to strengthen an already powerful and talented roster. We do not recruit backups – if you join us, we’ll have better uses for your butt than warming our bench. Applicants should be experienced, dedicated, creative and intelligent. If you apply with us, make sure you’re the big fish in a small pond, the best of the best in your current guild.

    Being able to play on a competitive level, participate in strategic discussion, and handle criticism are the key aspects of a successful applicant. We are not a social club or a family guild. We're interested in recruiting only the best North America has to offer.

    If you’ve got the qualifications, head over to http://vigil-guild.com/joining.html and post an application by clicking the "Apply to Vigil" link at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions about the application process, send a tell to Alldis, Sousi, Mynameismuse or Zerix on Mal'Ganis.

    Good luck.
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