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    133 38.22%
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    45 12.93%
  • get off my lawn

    118 33.91%
  • not really awesome

    19 5.46%
  • im bad

    33 9.48%
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    im just awesome to the max!!!!!

  3. #43
    I once a whole coca-cola bottle and doesnt afraid of anything

    Am i Awesome yet?

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    To paraphrase from the Flight of the Conchords (

    I'm so goddamned awesome that in this short segment
    I made all of the lady readers out there pregnant.

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    Has anyone really been far even as awesome to use even go want to do look more like?

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    Dreadlord hermansen's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Mom's Basement, just like you.
    Orc Officer: "Thrall's balls! - They're everywhere!"
    Thrall: "BALLS TO YOU!"

    Yep, I'm that awesome.

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    gtfo my lawn

  8. #48
    meh I have beer and memories, i used to be awesome. Now get off my damn lawn *releases the dogs*.

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    You guys are just lucky i posted on this thread, cuz im so awesome

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    Mechagnome Promethax's Avatar
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    Not where you are.
    <----- Pure awesome
    "I see nothing. I hear nothing. I taste victory."

    "Trolling (verb): speaking your honest opinion." - you know who

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    Bloodsail Admiral Toho's Avatar
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    under your bed
    the lack of awesome responses to this awesome thread disturbs me on epic proportions.

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    I'm bad, really bad...

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    Stood in the Fire Doctor Deanster's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    I'm worse than bad.........

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    Stood in the Fire Bizkitz's Avatar
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    United Kingdom
    You can never be sure if you are awesome, because if you just blatantly call yourself awesome, that makes you a little less. It all depends on other peoples views on how awesome you truly are.

    You may have done something awesome in your life, but that doesn't mean you are awesome as a whole. You need to do awesome things often, and as I said, others need to think you're awesome too. No point saying you're awesome if everyone else thinks your a twat.

    And you are only truly amazingly awesome if you:

    1. Think pirates beat ninjas.
    2. Like Tenacious D.
    3. Think Jedi(ism?) is a real religion.
    4. You can write words on the internet with decent grammar and not like a brain dead donkey.

    There are more, but it's late. Imo, it's better that other people rate who awesome someone else is, as opposed to how awesome YOU are.

    But yeah, it is a good thread idea, I suppose. 'tis different.
    Varian: Look, I didn't touch your gunship, okay!
    Garrosh: I witnessed, with my eyes, your TESTICLES on my gunship!

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    *insert funny location here*
    Depends, irl no...but if I'm rude enof I can act awesome on the internet!

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    High Overlord Theonen's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Norway, way way way way way way way way north.
    I feel pretty sure this is going to end up like the "Post your IQ" thread
    Death Knight Main
    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Murdock View Post
    Dictonary, get one!
    Quote Originally Posted by Protqt View Post
    I click
    I keyboard turn
    I never go LoS

    Oh, did I forget to say that I got glad as LSD?

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    I'm so awesome my penis grows when I talk about it.

  18. #58
    You know I'm bad, I'm BAD! Really really bad! Who's bad?

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    chuck norris worships me, hell ye
    _* * * * _
    idunolulz* \(o_0)/

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    You guys are awesome.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ansible View Post
    After 6 years, we've finally collected enough of their scales to have a full set of Murloc scaled armor.

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