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    Onion Sports dome

    anyone else think this show sucked?
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    No, you are out of your mind. I came home from the pats game last night in a pretty terrible mood, I was beginning to get hungover, and I had just stubbed my toe. This show came on and was absolutely hilarious, raised my spirits so much. Can't wait for it to be on again tomorrow.
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    Not a fan, seems to try but just utterly fails. Gone in 4-5 episodes, if not before.

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    Only part I actually laughed at was the "Who would you kill? skit. Everything else was meh. They should stick to fake news.
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    People really will find anything to complain about. Too bad I don't care because I quit the game because they made the hunter class color lime green and I think it would be SO much better had it been a grass-colored green.

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