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    I confess that I do not understand cricket, at all.

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    I like to play it, but watching it bores me :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by rektlol View Post
    try gaining and inkling of understanding of the game then post about a sport.
    I've grown up in England and "Soccer" these days is just appalling. The amount of diving, arguing with the Ref and anything else they can to avoid having to play fair has just lost my interest completely. These days the sport has become quite boring to watch as it is itself very stop and start like the NFL, except every play doesn't matter. The games are also rather low scoring. I would much rather watch an NFL game with a guaranteed winner and at least 4-5 touchdowns than watch a "Soccer" game for 90 minutes that's going to involve allot of complaining, diving and a boring 1-0 scoreline.

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    Cricket is awesome, its not something you can watch all day. But its good to have in the background when your doing something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fogkin View Post
    You love Cricket cell provider? Good for you, but I think their coverage is pretty spotty myself...

    But for real, I don't get that sport, probably since we don't play it in the States. Cricket and rugby... I'll keep my baseball and football thanks(and yeah, I do like soccer/futbal too)
    i do believe you guys do play cricket in the good ol us of a. i heard on bbc news a few weeks back the good folk of compton los angeles have made a cricket team gl to them, i say go for it guys. you`ll hear no mention of dr dre, eazy e, ice cube, or mc ren, otherwise known as NWA in this thread, as i really cant see 3 of them picking up a cricket bat or ball tbh lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by henla View Post
    I love it..

    england retaining the ashes in oz for the first time in 24 years..


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    Quote Originally Posted by lenninzx View Post
    have you ever watched soccer try 2-3 mins of action whole game
    you ever watched an Old-Firm? then again your saying "soccer" so am gonna guess no.
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    Thread was necro'd for the purposes of trolling. Closing.
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