Availed is a ten man raiding guild formed last summer on Anvilmar. As a guild, Availed intends to be a the forefront of ten man progression in Cataclysm while creating a name that comes to be associated with talent. As a group, we intend to form a small, tightly knit community driven towards the same goals and brought together by the same interests. We're very open with our ideas and opinions. There are no officer meetings here.

We are looking for players who love to play this game. If raiding is what you do in almost all of your free time, you're in the right place. If you are frustrated by the players around you holding you back and are used to seeing yourself at the top of the records, Availed is the place for you. Our members are committed to being the best within their respective fields of play, and you should be as well. If setting records is something you are not familiar with, this is not the place for you. Knowledge about your class is a given, but you shouldn't need to research it -- people should be looking to see what you do, not the other way around.

Heroic Magmaw
Heroic Atramedes - US 3rd 10m
Heroic Omnotron - US 3rd 10m
Heroic Conclave
Heroic Maloriak
Heroic Chimaeron
Heroic Wyrmbreaker
Nefarian - US 4th 10m

Currently Recruiting
1 Prot warrior/Paladin
1 Exceptional Healer
1 DPS DK with blood off spec required
1 DPS -- Enh Shaman/Feral druid/Ret Paladin/Hunter
Any exceptional player willing to compete for a position

Raid Times
Sun-Thurs 8-12 EST

If you are a player that meets the aforementioned qualities and are no longer interested in the prospect of larger raids and the environments that come with them, visit

Availedguild.com or feel free to contact Dachete/Ezekiah/Gandria in game on Anvilmar