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  • Human

    27 18.12%
  • Dwarf

    10 6.71%
  • Gnome

    33 22.15%
  • Nelf

    29 19.46%
  • Worgen

    50 33.56%
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    Best alliance rogue race?

    Vote and explain why

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    running as a gnome. escape artist is awesome. and tiny looks make me happy )
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    Gnomes - Escape Artist.

    And because little bearded people look awesome.

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    PvE? worgen for assassination, gnomes for combat ( they get exp for daggers and swords so you'll have the bonus for both Mh and OH)

    PvP? don't know much, there are some pretty good racial like escape artist, stoneform, emfh.

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    i like the dwarfs Stoneform

    saved my ass many times from Warriors, Rogues, Cat Druids, and DKs. cant with for the 10% dmg reduction

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    Personally i think Worgen make the best alliance rogue with 1% crit and a extra sprint to add onto your own, but gnomes fall shortly after with their short weapons spec :P

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    Nelf: harder to detect, shadowmelding out of combat let's you restealth (for pvp it's like another vanish), -2% chance to be hit by melee and ranged, highest base agility of any race.

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    Human as a rogue, human as a any class as a matter of fact

    Free trinket slot?

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    Not even a question. Why do you think ferals have been so OP post patch 4.0? A: their mobility (unrootability) combined with insane bleed damage which they will be losing in the next patch.

    In the meantime, for everyone else, not only do you get to escape anything as a gnome but its on a 1.5minute cd compared to Dwarf's Stoneform 2m cd. Thirty seconds is an absolute eternity in pvp!

    So for me,

    Gnome (Escape Artist) > Nelf (Shadowmeld no longer acts like Vanish but still a very useful racial for rogues and hunters due to synergy)> Dwarf (Stoneform) > Worgen (Darkflight).

    Humans can go take a flying leap! At max level, pvp trinkets have strong stats on them and the same CD. The minor stat increase from equipping another (non-pvp) trinket will not make or break anything otherwise arena would have been dominated by one race completely across ALL classes. Obviously, this is subject to change, if one day Blizzard decided to create extraordinary trinkets relative to pvp trinkets that would basically mean everyone but Humans would be walking around with one trinket (unlikely).

    In a sense, the Human and Undead pvp racials are a bit of a broken design. This is because, Blizzard have to minimise the impact of them by design through the pvp trinket system - i.e. they are treated as just another trinket item. Wheras every other race gets real differentiating racials which can be literally game-breaking, especially in arena, in the right situations. Even the seemingly weak belf Arcane Torrent racial can be borderline OP for melee in the right situation - name any other player aoe interrupt capability not subject to (shared) diminishing returns ...
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    Definitely gonna have to with gnome, escape artist racial, plus they can be annoying to find sometimes since they're so small D:
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    For PvE, most of the races have an active ability that's useful in the proper situations (Night Elves being a notable exception), but Humans and Worgen probably have the best active abilities (though 10% damage reduction next patch isn't too shabby).
    --Edit: For clarity, my comment about humans and worgen having the best active racials applies only to PvE; I do not deny that Escape Artist is a great ability, but in PvE it's going to be beaten out by Every Man and Darkflight a great deal of the time.

    For DPS purposes, though, the passive abilities are what are going to give the most consistent improvements, since Alliance has no offensive racial cooldowns. So we have:
    Humans: +3 Expertise when using swords and maces (equal to 90.0816 expertise rating).
    Gnomes: +3 Expertise when using one-handed swords and daggers (equal to 90.0816 expertise rating).
    Worgen: +1% critical strike chance (equal to 179.28 critical strike rating).
    Dwaves: +3 Expertise when using maces (equal to 90.0816 expertise rating)
    Night Elves: No useful passives for DPS

    Since secondary stats can be reforged, Worgen clearly have the strongest racial (even for combat, where Expertise has an EP value of ~1.6 and Crit has an EP of only 0.95 in T11 gear, that still means you can take 179 crit rating as a worgen, reforge 71 of that into expertise, and come up with 71 expertise and 108 crit, a total EP value of 216.2, while the ~90 expertise rating you'd get from a weapon spec racial only has an EP value of 144).

    So for PvE DPS, it probably breaks down like this:
    Worgen (Best passive + very good active) > Gnomes (second best passive, works for all rogue specs, good active) > Humans (passive only good for combat's MH, but a larger selection of weapons and a very good active) > Dwaves (passive only good for combat's MH, and only with maces; decent active) > Night Elves (No useful racial abilities for PvE DPS).

    Final sentence edited: I won't weigh in on PvP other than to comment that every race's active ability has great potential value in PvP. Shadowmeld may be almost worthless in raids, but it's invaluable in PvP, for instance.

    And of course if you value aesthetics over mechanics, just pick whichever race you like the most :-P

    Edit 2: Dwarves get expertise with maces, not daggers >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by squeeze View Post
    Humans can go take a flying leap! At max level, pvp trinkets have strong stats on them and the same CD. The minor stat increase from equipping another (non-pvp) trinket will not make or break anything otherwise arena would have been dominated by one race completely across ALL classes. Obviously, this is subject to change, if one day Blizzard decided to create extraordinary trinkets relative to pvp trinkets that would basically mean everyone but Humans would be walking around with one trinket (unlikely).
    I'm going to have to say your wrong and humans are the best pvp race on the alliance side again come 4.0.6 when every man for himself gets brought back to a 2 min cd and then and one of the other
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    You play a Rogue to piss off your enemies. So pick a gnome; no self-respecting Horde player likes getting stunlocked by a Gnome.

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    PvP wise human for the extra trinket.

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    Pve : Gnome or worgen
    Gnome : Small and bitchy
    worgen : +crit

    Pvp : Dwarf or human
    Dwarf : Stoneform
    Human : Free trinket

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    Dwarves, because they have the best looking beards.
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    i dont play as a rogue and im not alliance but in arenas i tend to step back more when i see a worgen rogue running at me

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    Qq! Nelfs need a better pve racial! Though I guess we do make sick tanks. You can't forget nelfs higher agility though, not sure how it plays out in cata (my dk is my main now), but in wotlk it made us highest pve dps despite no dps racial.

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    Call me old fashioned, but back when I played ally (could never go back haha), if you were a rogue and not a nelf you could gtfo. There's something so natural about it, no pun intended.
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    My close friends often make fun of my wow racism, but here it goes:

    Night Elf: Male night elves almost never are good players. And those of them who are remotely good, are ashamed of their race. Highest playing male night elf I ever knew was floating from 1800 to 2k, and never higher. The look of male night elf who ambushes your weak caster back from shadows, is some kind of stereotype. Also 70% of male night elf rogues have a name "Nightkiller".
    Female ones are for "pro" players. Or the people pretending to be "pro". By the way shadowmelt in fact is good, and arguably the best racial for a rogue. It's the last vanish that "vanishes" things like blind coil and cheap shot. But stealth animation (and fight animation) looks retarded, no matter how pro you are. Also night elf rogues make little to no sense lorewise.
    95% of night elf rogues who know about the possibility of model editing, use it, turning their character into undead.

    Human: Super strong racial. It really is strong. One argument against it - generally you use double damage trinkets. Rogue damage is crappy, people choose to play with rogues not because of the damage they can output, but because of utility. So, making your damage 10% less crappy isn't as important when you play a rogue as on other classes.
    Female human rogues are, like night elf females, for "pros", and for "wannabe pros". This is why intelligent person won't ever play female human rogue. Also 50% of them change model to undead, because fight animation is really retarded.
    Male humans are generally good and serious at game. This is my race of choice for ally rogue. Although, there is a huge number of dumb and arrogant people playing male humans. But, as far as I can see, they tend to get into arena culture more and more, eventually changing sex to female human, as soon as they hit 2003.

    Gnomes: Really strong racial. One more rootbreaker in times when shadowstep does not break roots? Oh, WTB.
    Male gnomes are good and serious players, despite their look and size. Sometimes they are super antisocial and mean individuals, but generally they are peaceful and calm. Armor does not look awesome on a gnome, but these people never change models, they seem to be enjoying their gnome.
    Female gnomes are often made as a mockery and are more often antisocial and mean, than male ones. But some of them are really good players (More interested in pvp than males).

    Dwarves: Average racial, but may be good in no-healer (or shielder) setups. Dwarf rogues are very cool lorewise, as all dwarves are. Sadly, most dwarf rogue players are bad at the game. If I'd roll a new rogue now (it would be like 6th...) for ally, it'll definitely be a dwarf.
    Dwarf rogues are 3% of total rogue population. Female dwarf rogues are 9% of dwarf rogue population. I can't think of any level 80 (85) female dwarf rogue right away. They are often made as a mockery, by the way.

    Worgen: Worst racials for pvp, also the wolf theme makes them unusable for intelligent players, despite the model being kinda cool. It's just too common to imagine your character as a stalking wolf hungering for whatever bla bla bla bla. Most night elf males who had the money racechanged to worgen at the day of Cataclysm release. To get that "wolf" feeling, yeah.
    Female worgen are abit better than male, in fact almost a whole lot better, as they aren't usually a choice of night stalking shadow prowlers. Also they have a cute face.

    That's it, I apologize for the wall of text, but this is one of my favourite topics. Also the rogues I do have are:

    80 Human male
    80 Undead male
    74 Orc male
    70 Undead male (Twink)
    61 Undead male
    45 Undead male
    40 Undead male
    29 Dwarf male (Twink)

    (tons of sub-20 rogues are not included in the list)
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