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    torchlight is a very good diabloesque game. other than what the other posters suggested....emulation. get a goos ps ps2 gen snes and gba emulator and ur set for life

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    Best singleplayer RPGs are:

    Baldur's Gate
    Neverwinter Nights
    Mass Effect (1&2)
    Dragon age

    Pretty much anything BioWare

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    Gothic - all parts of it
    Still working on my original cool saying..

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    Tes 4 Morrowind
    Gothic 3
    Divinity 2 ego draconis

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the great response!

    Several people recommend Dragon Age so I think I may try that first. I didn’t count, but Baldur’s Gate may be the next most recommended, and although the trailer for Torchlight is short it looks promising.

    Thanks to everyone who posted, I will continue to watch this thread for additional recommendations.

    BTW, I should add that I am only interested in games for the PC. I have a 360 but it has been months since I turned it on. The controllers make my hands hurt.
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    Neverwinter Nights.

    Bioware released a toolset to build your own adventures with it. IGN's NWNvault has a ton load of Modules (player built mods) available.

    It should keep you busy for a few years. Once you get bored you can build your own.

    Such a fantastic bit of software.
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    i suggest you take a look at The Elders Scroll: Oblivion and Arcania: Gothic 4.
    The Elders Scroll: Oblivion, really shows you the definition of RPG, huge landscape with alot of skills and other possibilities, another thing is that the game has a good story

    Arcania: Gothic 4, also good rpg alot of people prefer Gothic 3 above 4, but i say...try 4, but only if you have a decent computer, because dam this game is gonna make your processor sweat like hell. They recommand a I7 processor, but a decent quad core will do fine to. If your computer is crap, try Gothic 3 then.

    other possiblities:
    Two worlds 1, or Two worlds 2
    The Witcher
    if you also like strategy then League of Legends might be something for you, it's an strategy-rpg, you can compare it with Defend Of The Ancient and Demigod, but League of Legends is the best in the series if you ask me.

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    Minecraft! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by laggspike View Post
    dfghjhgfd -too short
    Morrowind is too short too :P

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    Just an update...

    I bought Dragon Age: Origins, Ultimate Edition. I have only played for a few minutes and I like the game already, however I am disappointed in EA Games.

    Ultimate Edition includes all 7 downloadable content packs, but you must go online to activate them. I registered through the link provided while installing the game and the game says that I am online, but the website does not recognize my registration, so I can not activate the additional content I paid for, and I can not email their Technical Support because you must be registered to do so... /cry

    I also bought Torchlight. I have not installed it yet.

    BTW, a few people have recommended Morrowind and/or Oblivion. I have both. I liked Morrowind (and both expansions) quite a bit, Oblivion; not so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neralyte View Post
    If you liked the Elder Scrolls series, a German group did a full remake of Oblivion.

    You can find it here:

    Fantastic game and very addictive, all voice overs are done in german but they do have english subtitles.
    I actually loved Oblivion. I'm gonna check this out.

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    Dragon Age feels a lot like WoW, except for the ability to pause in combat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenicks View Post
    Dragon Age feels a lot like WoW, except for the ability to pause in combat.
    And the cutscenes that drop your squishy mage right next to the meat grinding bosses.

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    Yeah Dragon Age is good.

    Personally.. Blizz should branch out and make Warcraft into a console RPG It would be amazing!

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    My vote is for Two Worlds 2.... though certainly not without its flaws (I'm looking at you, rather vague and poorly implemented UI), the gameworld is unbelievably engrossing.

    Also, how can you dislike a game that has horse racing, gambling, lockpicking, and barding for tips all under 1 roof?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elementium View Post
    Yeah Dragon Age is good.

    Personally.. Blizz should branch out and make Warcraft into a console RPG It would be amazing!
    I would kill for that game, bro. Even more than Skyrim :d

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    dot hack G.U.

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    Can't believe no ones said Darksiders, Even tho it's short its sweet.

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