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    so you are drunk.

    what is the hardest part of wow.

    for me, he hardest thing to do while under the influence is reply to whispers, i alays end up telling someone i have never met before that I love them. XD

    that and healing, tanking and dps'ing i can handle, healing for some reason, can't do it.


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    While I've never played drunk. I play high quite often, and the only thing I have problems with..is pressing my PTT button for vent...

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    Normaly hardest part is trying to write properly. Except when raiding drunk(done twice) hardest thing is to do as supposed to. I just keep hitting fireball or arcane blast little too long to realise I should move from some fire and then I die or lose lot of hp.
    But I dont really play wow when wasted.
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    Not telling everyone and their mother that I love them...

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    Depending on how drunk... seeing the screen properly.

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    Entering the password. Try spelling platypus4nicatingarmadillo (that's not my password, but it's something similar)
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    Remembering what class i'm playing (trying to use charge on your priest doesn't work well)

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    I just get my character smashed ingame.
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    To not stand in the fire >_>

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    Classic to go get drunk at a party, then you get home late at night or early in the morning, and there's quite alot of guildies online... and you get the bright idea to do an alt raid. You're the main tank.

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    Flying without getting dizzy.

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    lets see, i went to my uncles 50'th b-day and lets say the only drinks available had a high alcohol proofing, after about 3 hrs, i became very thirsty so i had to forcefully partake in these drinks...

    7 glasses of wine later im alittle light headed, getting a ride from the family back home, i make it 5 minutes before the raid, im the MT, and for some reason i thought it was FFXI all over again and i kept spamming my taunt button and i kept screaming at the paladin to use his 2hr ability
    .o_à INDEED.
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    I usually get to sleep when I get home from parties. But when I do play drunk, I get very generous and helpful. I tend to help people with stuff I normally would'nt help them with, I give away stuff etc etc.

    Cant decide if its good or bad...

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    I'm a healer and I tend to forgo my job and try dps'ing... as a holy paladin. Sometimes I break 1k.

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    Definitely typing. And replying to the correct person :x

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