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    I have 3 days?

    I think I'll spend my time trying to get all the masks before the moon falls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agallochh View Post
    I have 3 days?

    I think I'll spend my time trying to get all the masks before the moon falls.
    oh hoo, i see what you did there
    .o_à INDEED.
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    Id probably try and go out with a bang!.. Kinda like this guy..

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    kill a few ppl that had it coming for some time. can't go to jail for it now anyway. then spend the rest with the gf

    @ copas that vid is epic

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    Chill with girlfriend, hope its by a nuke because of a zombie outbreak so we can bust out the shotguns.

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    Well, if everyone else was also aware of the world's imminent destruction I guess I'd try to find someone to sleep with as I assume they'd be more likely to say yes. On the other hand maybe I'd just stay in bed for 3 days being depressed, and finish Bayonetta.

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    "It's about time"..
    Visor slides down
    5gate hallucinated Collosus timing Push.
    World end stopped.

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    72 hours.. screw that I would end the world now who likes to wait...

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    I don't really know... I have a extremely screwed up vision of life and the worthiness of human lives. I'll probably just invite everyone I have ever met to rob a couple of stores of all alcohol and munch, and then just sit in a park for 3 days in a row eating shitloads and drinking shitloads.

    Raping, killing and maiming as many possible ain't my style. If I'm going down, it's as the king of the party.

    Edit: and food...

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    play sum bg ?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Ultima View Post
    Two days? That's enough time to get to Scotland where my ex-bf is and spend my last hours with him.
    Are you blonde by any chance?
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    do something i know ill regret in the afterlife

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zefie View Post
    I'd finally watch Cowboy Bebop. Then I'd eat lots of shit and lament what a huge fucking waste my life's been.
    that may or may not be the best choice of words for any situation

    I would do something i have secretly always wanted to do...i would streak through Pittsburgh

    Think about it if there really is/was a life after who wouldn't wanna be the person to say the last thing they did was run across Heinz Field naked?

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    I would visit my family members, tell them that I love them and that I'm sorry for being a douche sometimes. Would then go to somewhere beautiful to die.

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    loot the shit out of my local offlicense & hold the biggest street party Scotland's ever seen - one of the better parts of having experienced serious illness is that you don't fear impending doom you just enjoy the time between then & now!
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