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    I can't, not even close . I heard some bones moving though :P

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    Yes I can.

    edit: no i cant..
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    No elbow-licking here =(

    BUT! I can bend my fingertips while keeeping the rest of my fingers straight, I can semi-dislodge the base of my thumbs in a way that scares my doctor, and I can


    Stay awesome! =D
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    Quote Originally Posted by laggspike View Post
    haha not first time here, ive even saw a girl that can smack her elbows together on her back :P
    I once knew a girl who could do that with her knees.

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    I can roll my tongue both ways, but cant reach my elbow

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    never tried it...let me see...nope...and prolly should not tryied that at work...I'm a receptionist lol

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    i have a friend who has no problems doin it... but his arms are also so hypermobile he can get them lying vertical behind his head( sound weird i know but its true)

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    No wish I could though!

    Thank you to Eis for this gorgeous sig! <3

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    nope, epic fail.
    Signatures are overrated.

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    My arms are too long, so no I can't. I would imagine shorter people who usually have shorter limbs would have an easier time with this, or if you have a Gene Simmons tongue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laggspike View Post
    haha not first time here, ive even saw a girl that can smack her elbows together on her back :P
    I've seen that, but to the front. She had her hands at her hips, and then touched her elbows. That was weeeiiiird ;D
    Hmm Maybe Moon posted something?

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    I just tried licking my elbow while in the middle of the office at work. Hope nobody saw...

    I cannot do it though. I can make a neat clover shape with my tongue though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn 470 View Post
    can do tongue to right but not left.
    AH HAH i can do it both ways and flip my tounge upside down
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    what can't be solved by shooting a fireball at it?
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    I'll say Night Elves. They'll hide in their treehouse, put up a "No orks allwed" sign and pull up the ladder.

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