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    Superbowl match ups

    Who would you like to see in it. Not who you think will be in it, who you wanna see how of the teams left.

    I'm going steelers, packers. I hate ryan's fat mug and get sick of hearing him, and I dislike the NY fans (football, basketball, baseball, hell I hate their hockey team and i don't even know which one it is). And the Bears, well, I don't like bears, they scare me.

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    Packers and...whoever

    Bears suck

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    I want Packers vs Jets with the Packers winning.

    Green Bay is playing insanely well right now, and the Jets... just wow: Took down Manning in the RCA dome, beat Brady in Gillette, and now they are marching on to Heinz field where they have won before in the regular season. I'm seeing the Jets for the upset at Heinz but loosing to the Packers (or Bears) in Feb.

    Anyone else love to see two 6 seeded teams vie for the Superbowl this year?

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    Brady's head wasn't in that game, or it sure didn't seem like it. After three rings, he might just be phoning it in a year, who knows.

    I will not give the Jets any respect at all.

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    jkjk...I know when we are out.

    OT: I would like to see Packers v Steelers, with the Steelers coming out on top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoflower View Post
    I dont want to see it.

    Seriously, 4 hours of show for maybe 5 minutes of actual game time where the ball ( egg ) is moving, The rest is advertisement, show, music, setting up and discussion. Biggest hiped up letdown ever in the history of sports events.
    Actually, its 11 minutes! OWNED!

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    Packers - Steelers

    Wonderful Ysera set by Aderianu of AHS

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    Sometimes Dallas, sometimes Pittsburgh
    Steelers and Bears with Steelers getting ring number 7
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    Steelers and Packers...with Steelers taking another super bowl ring home!

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    Steelers - Packers would be the best game. They're almost mirror images of each other.

    Steelers-Bears would be a good defensive game, if you're a defensive purist (which I am).

    Jets-whomever... not so exciting I think. Don't be offended, Jets fans. I like watching them play. I do. But I don't think the matchup they'd provide would make for a good game. They'd crush the Bears. And get crushed by GB.

    My head says it'll be Steelers-Packers, and you can flip a coin as to who would win.

    My gut says Chicago-Pittsburgh (idk why). Steelers prevail.

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    Pittsburgh vs Green Bay

    The Jets defense was screwing with Manning and Brady in their games... Pittsburgh has to have figured it out by now. Manning and Brady cannot scramble while Big Ben can (and doesnt go down easily). Pittsburgh is not only going to beat the Jets they are going to demolish them. Packers will win by 10 points at the highest over Chicago with a decent game. In the Super Bowl its 50/50 in my opinion. All depends on the QBs. Pitt is known as a great defense but no one seems to notice Green Bays defense is 5th in the league with 2 great corners. Ill go with the Packers beating Pitt 21 to 17.

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    Packers and idc who they play.....wont matter

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