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    Quote Originally Posted by smashzu View Post
    What do you mean?
    I thought it was amazing.
    She was healed, but he wasn't. She couldn't stay with him, she wasn't a sociopathic killer, she was a rape victim. It wouldn't have made sense for her to stay.
    The idea behind it was good, but the way it was executed was weak. It just felt like it was too quick and given their relationship should of been handled in more depth.

    Also I am pretty sure Quinn knows about Dexter, what he does about it though... will have to wait and see.

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    So looking forward to this season!

    Mos def has come along way in his acting and I'm really looking forward to see how he plays out on the show.

    Season 5 was not one of my favorite seasons but it was a huge season for Dexters "growth" as a "human" and I'm really excited to see how is character progresses this season. Especially as a person that has read all the Dexter books =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmak View Post
    Yessss, a new black guy. Dexter really needed one since Doakes died.
    Hahaha, agree. I liked Doakes, even if he was kind of mean.

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    I really hope he doesn't have a new love interest every season now.

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    damn that doakes whas such an anoying $*#$ but every time he was around it was getting tense

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    I kinda felt bad for doakes, As for the love interests i doubt he will find anyone. If he's back to how he originally was he's going to be a single dad trying to take care of business. If you ask me this season looks like it's going to be about dexters demon within him. Something tells me the whole Jesus statue bleeding with dexter bleeding in the same area as the statue is a sign.

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    So excited. This is seriously the best show I've ever seen.

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    Oh god, I can't believe I haven't seen this before! I'm so excited now!!

    I love Dexter and the last season was brilliant, let's hope this one is just as good - If not better.

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    wait wait wait, MOS DEF is on the show now?

    brb i think I have to change my boxers

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    So ridiculously excited for this.

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    [TV] Dexter season premiere!

    Just finished watching the season premiere of Dexter and I really liked it! Season 5 wasn't all that great for me and it looks like that this season is going to be a lot better, which is exciting. I'm really looking forward to next week's episode. What did you guys think?

    Also, Dexter dancing to MC Hammer was great.

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    Dexter getting a blowjob then using it to get a kill was great.

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    It was pretty good. Interested to see how this whole Colin Hanks story line is going to unfold.

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    Great season premier as always, gonna be a great season.
    I like Colin Hanks very much so I have very high hopes for this season.

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    Great premiere. Based on that alone season 6 has been far better than 5.

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    It's Dexter. Just like House, any season premiere is a good one )

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    Merging Multiple Dexter Threads

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    Ohhhh Dexter. I got way too excited watching the premier. It was like meeting a host of friends I hadn't seen in a while. Dexter, Angel, Deb, Vince....I dunno why I have such a connection with the show, I mean it appeals to me on a lot of different areas, but I'm engrossed with it!

    Seasons 1-5 I watched on dvd, back to back when I could. It's gonna be hard waiting every week for a new episode!

    But I'll do it

    Ohhh awkward Dexter.
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    I didn't like the Lila character much, but I thought she was bangin' hot. And season 3 should never have been made. That was just horrible.
    Season 4/5 were both pretty awesome. Season 5 was a little different than anything before, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Not many people are open to change in their tv shows, though. They want X season to be rewritten and aired as a brand new season because it was their favorite. It's like that for every TV show I've been reading about in these forums.
    Good season premiere, going to be a great season. I saw the new characters, and I like them. I also like that they're giving the main characters some growth in their job and in their minds.
    Also: Blowjob. Dexter, you're a badass.

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    Love this show and started watch it's season 6. I've much await for it's new season premier and have just watch it's starting episode, which was pretty interesting.

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