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    Who Cares? I like Eduard Khil though.. TROLOLO FOR PRESIDENT!
    Don't do it, get a Mac instead.

    Edit: I wasn't trolling, whoever was sensitive enough to report my post needs to rethink their priorities.
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    Infractions this, infractions that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robyn View Post
    Don't do it, get a Mac instead.
    He he he, good one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stonk View Post
    So I've been thinking about upgrading my laptop to windows 7 lately. Is it really that much better then Vista in terms of performance?
    Short answer: No

    Bit longer answer: If you have 2GB RAM in the laptop, getting the discount version might help a bit due to reduced memory usage of Win7 compared to Vista

    Long answer: See this thread halfway down the page about same subject, no point starting another
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
    Trolling should be.

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    Merged another new thread here. As Vesseblah said there is no need for 2 threads on the exact same topic on the front page of our forum.

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    wow, is that how much windows 7 is these day? mine was £30 from a studen offter i would reccomend getting it, but not for that price :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robyn View Post
    Don't do it, get a Mac instead.
    Yeah don't do it be pretentious instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nimryas View Post
    <Insert OS> is the best OS ever!!! Go download it noaw! = random ppl and random opinions
    Yes - People can use whatever OS they want, however if someone is talking about an upgrade they will be going from one windows OS to another. Talking about a particular Linux candidate or Mac OS being better is largely irrelevant.

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    3 infractions in the last 8 posts. Awesome job guys. How about we follow the rules and avoid Mac vs PC wars.

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    Wow is self contained. You will have to move the entire wow folder into your primary drive from your external and run the launcher. the files should auto execute from there once you initiate via launcher. this is 100% user friendly.

    actually, as long as you have admin privs for the .exe, you should be able to update your reg from your external. i dont know for sure but the logic makes sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janz View Post
    You clearly then have no experience outside Microsoft products.
    You can have your opinion as well. No os is "perfect"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LGalucard View Post
    well if i do a fresh install on my pc of win 7 (i assume this can be done with the retail windows 7 upgrade) and do like you say copy wow and steam games into a portable hard drive then copy them back in, wont i have registry problems or something? How will the machine know they are installed? Sorry to ask but ive never installed a new OS.
    With WoW you won't have any problems,
    However, this is how I did it with steam:

    1. Inside your program files --> steam folder you have a folder named steamapps.
    2. Copy that whole folder on your portable hard drive.
    3. After installing win 7, install steam again.
    4. Copy the steamapps back to your new steam folder.
    5. Win?

    BTW, forgot to remind you of one thing, remember to install directx again, otherwise all your backupped games will whine about d3dx.dlls
    You see, when you install a game, it will automatically install directx for that game, and that you cannot really backup, easier to just install it again. It is easy to find with google.

    EDIT: I tested this again now, and worked like a charm, I uninstalled steam, deleted all folders and registry stuff it had done and then reinstalled, copied steamapps and logged into steam, all games there
    and btw, yea, maybe not with google, just go to microsoft site instead.
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    just to be a sport and keep the converasion flowing within the context that was liad out by the op:

    clicking and dragging will do the same (with all flavors of Windows). you dont need "steam" (ive never heard of it) nor do you need to hit google for popular downloads (because seo[keyword=("WoW")]=automatic malware).

    Wow is self contained. you dont need a third party for it. you can even do this via CUI provided you have the right drivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulbound View Post
    just to be a sport and keep the converasion flowing within the context that was liad out by the op:

    clicking and dragging will do the same (with all flavors of Windows). you dont need "steam" (ive never heard of it) nor do you need to hit google for popular downloads (because seo[keyword=("WoW")]=automatic malware).
    Ummm, LGalucard ASKED how to get his Steam games moved over without causing registry issues and Dawgsnstuff answered.

    Steam is a digital distribution and multiplayer platform that you buy PC and Mac games through, it automatically updates them, allows you to play them on any PC, records achievements, and it has an online community bigger than WoW with over 30 million active (logged into in last 30 days) user accounts, with usually about 3 million online at any given time. The games are usually cheaper than store bought games too, especially with holiday sales (got 5 big name games for £20 over christmas) and random midweek or weekend sales. The only game I bought in the last 5 years that wasn't through Steam was WoW as they only use their own distribution methods.

    You should definately check it out if you're a PC gamer.

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    Running XP SP3 atm wadap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vesseblah View Post
    1-2) You can turn down the effects and other stuff in new menu & desktop until it looks and feels like Win2K. Don't blame your lack of knowledge or trying as software faults.

    3) Like what? On the contrary the amount of control panel-ish stuff has only increased with 7, but all of those are not in the start menu by default, and meant for actual power users.
    The desktop might look and feel like 2k when you turn the animations and stuff off but here is a few examples
    #1 File menu no longer shown on open windows File/Edit/View/Etc
    #2 Redesigned start menu leaves a lot to be desired and it is not aesthetically pleasing.
    #3 Right click my computer and select properties then compare the available options between Vista and win7

    All 3 of the things I listed opened up a ton of interface customization options as well as performance tweaks that are no longer available in windows 7.

    They are also my biggest complaints with the operating system

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janz View Post
    Talking about stability. The performance side is fine, but there's still a lot of BSOD problems with certain hardware and drivers.
    Wtf are you running Windows 7 on Pentium II ??? If your computer is 4 years old or less you shouldnt have any BSOD , unless you overclock the shit out of them and trying to find the right voltage.

    Even my shitty Netbook with an Atom processor can run Windows 7 with no BSOD. (And also run CS5 , slowly but still no problem)
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