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    Light of Dawn Prot Pally LF Raiding guild

    I'll make it simple.
    I am a very experienced tank, its all I have ever truly enjoyed doing. I like to think I am rather exceptional at it as well.
    The problem I need a guild that both start and end raid times need to fall between 6am-7pm PST

    I would prefer to stay horde but considering how few decent guilds actually raid in my window I am willing to faction change.
    I would also prefer more of a MT role than an OT role. 2 Reasons: 1) I am a great MT 2) OTing is typically just boring to me. My play style has a lot of leading in it. That being said I wouldn't mind helping with raid leading if needed either.

    Right now my current experience with Cata isn't up to par, that being said learning them will be very quick and easy.

    So either post on here, ingame Sharizon (Horde Moonrunner), or Sharizon at homail

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    I am still looking

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