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    shave no, trim yes.

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    Groomed and trimmed, people like to see some effort down there.

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    I got pretty lucky in the sense that I have very little body hair: nothing on the chest or back, light arm and facial hair, medium on the legs. I like to keep it all consistent though, so yes, I shave where there's "inconsistency."

    Should others? That's up to them.

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    I tried shaving my chest hair once... for the next week or so I was on fire. I'll never do it again. Willing to trim? Hell yeah, wish I could just get rid of chest hair all together, but god didn't give me the deck to play that card.
    Trim downstairs, yeah. That's just being clean right there. Legs? Nah, there should be only so many demands that a man should need to meet. If we were meant to be hairless then we wouldn't have so much hair everywhere. Women need to stop buying into all this media crap that a man needs to have a bald body, thats asking TOO MUCH!!
    I'll shave my beard, keep my eyebrows in-line, trim downstairs, and keep my chest hair trimmed...that's the best I can do. For all you women out there that like a man with a bald body, maybe you should be asking yourself if your really interested in a man or a woman.

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    Shave balls and surrounding area competely, trim pubes above penis. Shave chest in summer. Arms and legs I just let grow, maybe I would shave if I was really hairy there but don't think so. Don't have back hair but would definatly shave if I would.

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    In my opinion a guy can shave whatever he wants. It's his body. But I do have a problem with the fact that in modern/western society men do not have to shave their armpits and legs, etc., yet women are pretty much commanded to, and get bullied and have rude comments thrown at them if they don't.
    A lot of people don't realize that armpits and legs are very sensitive and open to infection when the pores are open. Also, after shaving armpits, even with a new razor and after-shave creams and deodorant, it can still burn like fire.

    Many people make the mistake of thinking that hair is a 'male only' sort of thing. It's actually a 'human' sort of thing. So if guys are not expected to shave, then women shouldn't be expected to shave either. It can be very itchy/painful and time consuming.

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    This reminds me, weren't there treatments to allow you to stop growing hair in places? I can think of a few places I'd like to apply that solution.

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    i shave my chest because i hate Chest hair, i dont shave my legs though, im kind of proud how my legs resemble that of an ewock.

    nah, i have got hairy legs, but i wont shave them, it would be too much effort, and id feel like less of a man

    my "nether reigions" as i'll call it, are a diffrent matter, i dont like hair down that area.

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    I'm alone and happy with it, so no one tells me what to do, I only shave armpits.

    And beard & moustache every week (or two, if I'm lazy).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunkenvalley View Post
    This reminds me, weren't there treatments to allow you to stop growing hair in places? I can think of a few places I'd like to apply that solution.

    If I could I think I'd be bold everywhere just to save the hassle. :3

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    not guna lie, i would find it weird to see my bf shaving his legs. >_>
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    PS: Pandas are awesome.

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    I only shave my beard and balls.
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    Depends on how much hair you have and where imo.
    But leggs is a nono, chest can be trimmed.
    The beyond section is mostly about preferences and possible partner's preferences.
    I trimm around and shave the ''main event''.

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    I shave my beard off, my armpits and keep my "beyond" trimmed.

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    My eyes are just hassle to deal with when shaving them. I blink and the razor gets caught and, dammit, it's too much effort.

    I've "trimmed" down my eyeball-shaving ritual to once a month. It makes me look rougher, though the undercurrent of pure, unadulterated handsomenicities lie within and are prepared to seduce.

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    "so do you think men should also take care of themselves like women do?"

    I'm sure you didn't mean it that way, but it came out a little...offencive, I suppose (not that anyone would be offended, but you know what I mean).

    Personally no. It isn't about not taking care of youself, it's about liking hair there. And I do.

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    ive only ever shaved my chest once....hated it so never again

    as for legs i used to when i was a swimmer....really didnt bother me much but its not something i would plan on doing again unless i had to for a similar reason

    arms no and i try to at least every other week clean up stray hair down there

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    Yes for the sake of smell alone the beyond area should be a required shaving place for men, especially ones who sit in the same position for hours at a time and have potentially already shallow grooming habits, not that anybody like that plays wow though... just saying... >.>

    (Edit) Fixed my stupid.

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    Trim the downstairs and shave my head, that's about it. My face hasn't seen a shaver in a year, another one and I'm good for Santa Claus duty!

    If I had funky growth in like my back I would most likely tend to shave it.

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    i shave my back and leave some of my chest, but everything else nope...minus trimming the hedges.
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