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    Target's Target Macro

    Hi there, I would like to know if I can make a macro that targets a target's target (lots of targets )
    Example: "/target Voxer" then target my target (in this case... Myself, which wouldn't do anything) but hopefully you get what I mean :P

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    Yes you can We were given it by a tank in heroics so that no matter what target we were on we would target his target if thats what your getting at. Ill have to link it when I get home cant remeber off the top of my head but yea you also had to put the tank into a focus frame.

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    /tar [@targettarget, exists]

    Changes your target into your targets target. If it exists that is, else you simply keep your current target.

    /tar [@Voxer-target,exists]

    Targets Voxers target at all times, if it exists.

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    Thanks for the quick response and for the macro

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    Pretty sure theres also a default keybind for this, "F" iirc.

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    /assist (if it's for friendly target's target)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorquas View Post
    /assist (if it's for friendly target's target)
    Assist will target a hostile's target as well. I use this macro to assist my tank:

    /assist [harm]
    /assist [help]

    If I'm targeting a friendly, the first is disregarded. If I'm targeting a hostile, it will target that mob's target (Should be my tank), and then go on to assist the tank, getting his target.

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