Dark Entropy is a 25 man raiding Horde guild on the PVP server Skullcrusher (EST). DE is currently 2/13 in Heroic content putting us at number 1 rank on our server and number 70 in the US. Our raid times are Sunday-Thursday from 7:30pm-12:00am. We are currently looking for the following classes to fill out our roster:

Balance Druid
Holy Paladin
Disc/Holy/Shadow Priest
Prot Warrior
Death Knight

We are currently looking for the above classes, but any exceptional applications are very welcome. The guild provides flasks and repairs for all progression encounters. Loot distribution is based on a loot council. When you apply please be as detailed and thorough as possible. The more effort you put into your application the more consideration it will be given.

What we expect from you

Dedication- We expect you to be on time and prepared for all raids. We understand that it is not reasonable to ask anyone to attend every raid of every week, but we like to run a core group of people and expect a consistent raid attendance. We also want people that are dependable. We expect you to not have reoccurring disconnection problems or other computer malfunctions.

Knowledge- Understand the general mechanics of the encounters before you go for attempts. We don’t expect anyone to know the fight 100%, but under no circumstances should anyone be going into these encounters blind. We also expect each person to be able to play multiple specs within their class. We expect all warlocks mages hunters and so on to be able to play each of their 3 dps specs if a specific encounter requires it. This goes the same for healers and tanks.

Experience- We are not in the business of carrying people or gearing anyone from 5 man heroics. It is expected for all recruits to have experience on most if not all encounters in at least normal modes, and be geared accordingly.

Please direct any questions to: Limbay, Flamingcloud, Tastemymilk, Aeacus, Shatain, or Ohbílly.

Where to Apply?


Please feel free to send a private app if you like.

WoW Progress: