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    Logitech G9. Been using it for almost 3 years now, I cant imagine going else where for a mouse!

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    Razer Naga, loving it

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    Razor Diamondback ~ 7 buttons 1600 dpi ... used and loved it since '07

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    Thats what i neede to hear. Since i'll be gettin the epic version. And i need to modify my UI acordingly.
    Basically the mouse has 12 thumb buttons, plus 2 beneath the wheel + 1 on the wheel itself, thats 15 butons i can assign skillz to, aside from left click and click.

    Very handy.

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    Large, basic mouse

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    Been using MX518 for ages

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    My setup consists of a MS sidewinder X8, logitech G13 gameboard, and Logitech gaming keyboard. I have everything keybound and macro'd so i never have to look at the keyboards or buttons. Before I got this setup, progression raiding and in particular healing was beyond me. Now, bring it on!

    This is not a cheap setup, but if you can afford it and want to bring your game to the next level, get this or something like it. You won't be sorry.

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    Razer Lachesis, love it. I have heard that the WoW mice are pretty cheaply constructed, but I just can't make myself fork over like $100 to find out for myself. Would love to have one if they were good though.
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    MX1000 <3333

    big, heavy, not adjustable, discharging very quickly and SO AWESOME

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    Razor naga and Lycosa. Had a WoW mouse in the past but it was so cheaply constructed that the paint faded within 2 weeks and the right secondary mouse button ended up requiring some wiggling to get it back in place and be usuable. Not exactly conducive to healing raids back in wrath.

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    Trackpad... yeah, I kind of like the swoosh feeling of trackpads... no clue why.

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    Razer Deathadder. Best mouse ever.

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    Logitech MX518

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    The Naga with a Lycosa Keyboard (H)
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    Comfortable, easy to use, simplistic and the best part.. durable/versatile. I considered a Naga or something but I just find them too bulky and more for looks rather than gaming. Ironic since I'm using a Logitech g19 Keyboard.

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    Razer deathadder 1800, it uses the avago 3668(optical) - which is pretty much flawless nowdays.The deathadder has a very high malfunction speed that you will never be able to hit anyway, you can also disable angle snapping(prediction)with the "NDC(no drift control)" version of the firmware, all in all.. the deathadder has perfect control, and it is one of the best mice out there.Most other mice that use the avago 3668 are also pretty good, i just went with the DA for the awesome shape.Sadly, razer stopped manufacturing the 1800 version.. but you can always get the 3.5g(Avago S3888)it had some issues to begin with - but after some firmware updates(DA built in memory ftw)it now has reached the perfection of the 3668.

    I suggest you get , it's the 3.5g.. just better.They changed the glossy sides(gosh.. hated em)with much better texture that doesn't get dirty, and the top is no longer 'rubberized'.

    And by the way, any 'serious' gamer should avoid mice with the philips twin-eye laser, the Twin eye has all sorts of problems, negative, positive/ acceleration, jitter, skipping, path correction,lift issues etc most razer mice nowdays come with that junk-sensor, including but not limited to: naga, mamba, Lachesis.

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    A standard wired asus mouse xd

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    mac mousepadding ftw !! kinda tricky with 2fingers for rightclick and 1 for left, and movement. sometimes its the reason for whipes and fails but well.... makes it easier to raid in sofa with great movie!

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    Logitech G5, 2nd one in the row. I think this is my 7th year with that badboy and I couldnt be happier.

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