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    What gaming mouse do you use?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, never made a thread here

    But anyway, what kind of mouse do you guys use? I've been using the same Razor Diamondback for right about 3 years now and I'm looking to get a new one. The new SteelSeries WoW mouse on the 'news' screen looks tempting but yeah.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated

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    Logitech G700. Best mouse I have ever owned. Goes from corded to wireless instantly. No problems in games like other wireless mice. You can run it corded or wireless. Programmable macro buttons. Love it.

    Goes well with my Logitch G110 keyboard and Logitech G930 wireless headset.

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    Logitech G5.

    I used an MX518 for 6 years without one issue (same one mouse). Upgraded to a G5 a couple of years ago.

    Best mice there are. Hell my MX518 out lived 2 or 3 of my PC's lol. When I upgraded it it wasn't even broke, I just wanted a new mouse.

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    I have a Logitech G5, but I have no freaking idea if it's classified as a "gaming mouse".

    It has a few extra buttons, and a thumb button, which is awesome.

    EDIT: Mouse-buddies, Cyrant! That sounds fucking weird...

    Everytime I look at a Razor Naga, I facepalm. In my eyes, it's like a riced out car (note, not tuned, riced).
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    Q: But who are the forum QQers going to QQ at now?
    A: They'll find another name and still miss the point that Blizzard designs as a collective.

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    MX518 for more than five years

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    Razer DeathAdder. Simple, precise.

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    Razer Naga for when playing pvp and Razer Deathadder for when I'm raiding.

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    Naga is awsome. I agree stupid looking but very functional

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    I used to have an MX518, but I broke it while I was bored once. I liked my MX518
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    Q: But who are the forum QQers going to QQ at now?
    A: They'll find another name and still miss the point that Blizzard designs as a collective.

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    Razer Mamba, absolutely love it.
    Sure, it's your $14.95 a month to play as you want, but in a raid it's our $358.50 and we think you're retarded.
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    Naga for sure. I will NEVER go back.
    All that focus taken off of my left hand, leaves it free to do what it was ment to, move, and scratch myself.
    Add in the addon that gives me a great set of action bars, and I can't imagine useing anything else again.
    (unless I get my thumb on the right hand gets cut off....)

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    Razer Naga. Surprisingly, I don't use the side buttons on my main (Hunter), but I abuse it on all of my alts.

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    Cheapest one Wal-Mart had and I've had it for seven years. Logitech, two button scroll wheel.

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    Logitech 500, so comfortable. Just as comfortable as the MX-518 which out the slipperiness.

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    Steelseries Ikari Laser. Best mouse I've ever owned. Quality construction and it has lasted for three years and still going strong.

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    Logitech MX700 and MX1000. Had them both for about four years.

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    Cyborg R.A.T.7. or as some people like to call it "Optimus Prime" ...

    Thanks to Amalisa for this great Sig!

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    Nobody here has a CM Storm?

    Sentinel here. Best $40 I ever spent. It's starting to get old though :[

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    Logitech Mx 518

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    Honestly I don't get the naga.

    Like how are you even somewhat accurate with a billion buttons controlled by your thumb? I feel like you would miss-hit buttons a lot.

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