Hello! <Havoc> is a competitive 25 man raiding guild on Aggramar (CST-PVE) server. Please read below to determine if this is the place for you before filling out an application.

Our guild history:

Havoc was formed on June 14th, 2008. Havoc’s philosophy has always been a niche for the hardcore player. In TBC, we claimed various Cairne server firsts, including ZA bear, Illidan (July 28th), and all of SWP up to and including Kil'Jaeden (Oct. 20th). We were featured on WoW Insider's "15 Minutes of Fame" section for our swift progression: http://www.wow.com/2008/09/09/15-min...eks/#continued . Our success comes from a combination of exceptionally skilled players, and a stable roster of dedicated veterans. Expect a very serious raid atmosphere and a raid group that gets things done and doesn't waste your time.

What we expect from you:

You want to be recognized for your skill level. You are consistently the most reliable healer, the tank with the best aggro management, or the DPS highest on the meters in your guild. You show up to raids on time with full consumables and knowledge of all boss fights. You can execute technical aspects of your class or adapt to technical boss fights flawlessly. You can make a minimum of 4-8 raid hours per week (raid times are Tues-Wed 7:30-12 CST generally, more for progession.) You treat all members in the guild, from friends to officers, with respect. You are accepting of intense criticism and scrutiny by your peers and officers.

Our recruitment template is extensive. Therefore, it is highly recommended you are able to provide a positive reference or a link to a WWS performance before beginning, as we like to see proof of your skill level before a tryout begins. Our website is http://havoc-aggramar.com. Hope to see some excellent apps!

Current Progression:


* Ulduar (10) & (25) - CLEARED

* ToGC (10) & (25) - CLEARED

* ICC (10) & (25) - CLEARED (With Vanquishers on both)

* ICC (10) HM Cleared, (25) 12/12

* H Halion 10/25


* 12/12 Normal Mode

Notable Achievements:

* Realm First! Light of Dawn

* Realm First! A Tribute to Insanity

* Realm First! Alone in the Darkness

* Realm First! Celestial Defender

* Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas

* Realm First! Magic Seeker

* Heroic: Glory of the Raider (T7 + T8 + T10)

* Glory of the Raider (T7 + T8 + T10)

In Demand - we will actively recruit any of the following:

Resto Druid
Feral Druid
Unholy DK
Any other competent melee or ranged dps.

Apply at http://havoc-aggramar.com/ For any questions or concerns feel free to contact Meliadoul, Shiro, Trajedy, Raithor or Xate in game.

Thanks for your time,