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    Quote Originally Posted by Baltasar View Post
    Lol i knew this forever,and it was only fun for like 10 mins
    How very hipster of you.

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    Ohh, so happy you posted. Looking forward to trying it. Ty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcbert View Post
    How very hipster of you.
    I first saw this in vanillla beta. I win the interwebs.

    Generally speaking there are 2 replies by trolls to you announcing a new find or idea.

    1 is, omg this is the stupidest worst fail thing ever

    or 2) Yeah i first posted about this in vanilla beta.

    Don't ask why people get so offended by someone thinking of something they havent, they really hate to see people get credit for a good post :S

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    for some reason it doesn't work anymore, i can't turn invisible anymore
    delete character

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    No you can't turn invisible any more.

    And even if you could, enemies can still see you, so it has no PVP value.

    Still, I do think that shadow priests could use to have some ability that "blends them into the shadows" or "sends them into the shadow realm"

    80 Kingslayer Shadow Priest - Spirestone

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