Tired of guilds that misconstrue being casual for being bad? Want to down content quickly efficiently while only raiding a few nights a week? Then <Axis> is for you.

This is a guild being lead by former raiders from a top guild. We originated on Illidan server and raided with a Horde guild which, at its peak during BC, was ranked as the top 7th Horde guild in the U.S. We came to Kael'thas to play with a casual guild that we knew, but this guild turned out to be of the mentality that being casual means being bad at the game. We met <Axis> on Kael’thas and felt like we would be a good fit together, and so we joined forces to raid.

We are looking for competent players who know how to play their class and do their job in a raid environment, and who are responsible enough to provide their own raiding materials (flasks, pots, food, etc). When only raiding three nights a week, we feel that this is a pretty manageable task. We are looking for raid-ready players with a minimum average equipped item level of 340.

We are doing 10-man raids. Our main raiding days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, with one other raid day during the week alternating based on people’s schedules. Kael'thas is a Central Time server, and raids start at 9:00pm server (we may try starting a bit earlier once we are able to recruit a few more people, but we would start no earlier than 8:00pm server) and will probably not go past 1:00am server at the very latest.

** We are currently in need of a Shaman with a primary DPS spec (preferably elemental) and a secondary healing spec. We are also in need of a couple of other hybrids with dps/tank, healing/tank, tank/healing specs. We would also like another ranged DPS of some kind. Even if you do not fit any of these descriptions, feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining, as recruitment is pretty open regardless. **

If you are interested in joining, please contact Fenrir, Greyback, or Silorias in-game, or visit www.axis-guild.com and make a post in our recruitment forum. This guild is casual in that, yes, we will only be raiding a few nights a week, but we will expect a high level of competency out of our raid members, and consistently poor showings of skill in terms of boss mechanics or class play will not be tolerated.

We are casual with a hardcore mentality. We are here to get things done, not be carebears!