Basic Information

Guild: Exiled from Hell –
Faction: Horde
Server: Runetotem (Normal/CST)
Battlegroup: Vengeance
Recruitment Contacts: Apok or Jägermeister

Current Progression

Blackwing Descent - 6/6 Normal (10 & 25)
Bastion of Twilight - 4/4 Normal (10 & 25)
Throne of the Four Winds - 2/2 Normal (10 & 25)

Notable Achievements

Immortal - Conquer of Ulduar - Celestial Defender - Alone in the Darkness
Earth, Wind & Fire - A Tribute to Insanity - Bane of the Fallen King


About Us

Exiled from Hell was created on October 12th, 2006 and has been the top raiding guild on Runetotem since Ulduar! Many of our current officers have been with us since the beginning of Burning Crusade. As Exiled from Hell progressed, we have evolved into a core of skilled, dedicated players who strive for success and overcome in-game obstacles. The guild offers many amenities to raiders such as free gems, enchants and consumables.

Raid Schedule: Our raid times are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. CST.


Current Recruitment Needs

Healers - We are looking for a holy priest and restoration druid.

Caster DPS - We are looking for a balance druid, mage, and shadow priest.

Melee DPS - We are looking for an enhancement shaman, feral druid, retribution paladin and rogue.

Exceptional Applicants Of Any Class Are Encouraged To Apply!


Our Expectations

*Reliability: EFH does not recruit alternate or backup players, all members are required to maintain a high level of raid attendance. If it’s common for you to disconnect when you do half a lap around Darlaran, we might not be the guild for you. Your computer and connection need to be able to handle both current and future content.

* Initiative: You continually strive to better yourself in terms of your knowledge of boss strategies and are constantly seeking ways to improve your character and your own play-style. You are open to experimenting with different gear sets and always come prepared with the correct consumables, enchants, and a focused attitude.

*Personality: EFH is looking for individuals who are skilled, intelligent and able to coherently form thought and communicate effectively. We expect maturity and professionalism; we are very interested in players who care as much about their guild's reputation as we do. Members are able to cut loose and have a good time, but need to know when to put themselves together and focus.

*Gear: While it is not necessary for you to have best in slot items in every slot of your gear, it is expected that your current gear reflects the dedication you possess as a raider – that is, it is properly enchanted and gemmed. Your gear provides insight to us as to how knowledgeable you are of your class and your willingness to put in additional effort into your character.


How to apply

To fill out an application, please visit our web site at
If you have any further questions after you've viewed the specifics on our web site, please feel free to contact Apok, Bulma, Corn, Geas, Iso, Jägermeister or Monfire in-game or via private message on our forums.

We look forward to hearing from you!


- Apok

Raid Leader