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    Doomfist Chronicles - The Tale of Irulon Doomfist

    Name: Irulon Doomfist

    Nickname/Title: The Immortal

    Race: Human

    Sex: Male

    Age: 38 (by the Shattering)

    Class: Warrior

    His past has left him with flashbacks that he experiences at any time, which deteriorate him for a (usually) short time. He is a bit short and thus is often seen as a weakling.

    Able warrior. Loyal and honest attitude. Decent wildlife survival skills.

    Appearance: A relatively short human with a stocky build. His hair once shined with a yellowish-red hue, but over the years, it has faded from age, as well as stress. His eyes now bear a demanding look upon them, whereas only a couple years ago, they were modest. The armor he carries is dark gray plate armor, with red-lined edges, and spiky features. His most notable feature is the helm that only covers his facial area, much like defias masks. He calls this his "faceplate".

    Personality: Slightly arrogant at times, but mostly wishes to aid the ones he cares for no matter the cost. His will drives on his need for revenge for his family. Recently, his attitude has become a bit colder and less forgiving.

    History: Lord Irulon Doomfist (pronounced either Ih-ruh-lon or Ih-roo-lon) was a human male born in Deathknell. He grew up to become a prideful, but honest figure who worked toward the purging of the Undead and the victory of a challenging battle. He had quite a harsh life, but had worked his way up the Argent Dawn ladder and was eventually the head guard of a well known High Dawn Lord, Lord Aldarion. While not as attached to his title as Lord Aldarion, still he had much pride in it. Irulon once died was when he was accidently cleaved in the spine by one his orc friends, Morg'throk, but was ressurected by Lord Aldarion, who had found him in Ashenvale.

    Irulon had been part of an Argent Dawn army within Stromgarde, but the Scourge had amassed an attack large enough to destroy it and all within, except Irulon, who had escaped through a crack in the back walls of the town. Soon after, all of the lieutenants and Lord Aldarion had suddenly gone missing. Irulon, realizing that the Argent Dawn had figuratively imploded, searched for refuge within the Hillsbrad Foothills and after a brutal assault from undead bears, Irulon succeeded the former leader of the encampment, which consisted of Argent Crusade members.

    After the death of the Lich King and the arrival of Deathwing, Irulon had joined the 7th Legion sector of the Alliance. He had also rid himself of his "signature" faceplate.

    ((Long version - http://www.wowpedia.org/User:Bigstac...rulon_Doomfist))
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