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    resi>int or int>resi

    I would like to know, if it's worth gemming resi. The chest piece has 1red and 1yellow socket and the socket bonus is +20 resi. So ur options are pretty much:

    +60int, +40resi
    +20int, +80resi
    +40int, +60resi

    which 1 is the way to go? And how do u value resilience?

    suggests that the more you have resi, the more 1resi helps
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    Due to how much priests suck in pvp atm compared to other healers (even shadow sux - 6 seconds per 2 min), STACK RESILIENCE.!

    Resil > intel and all other stats atm.
    What good is 100 SP or 1000 mana when your dead? That extra 1% damage reduction is 1 second longer to living while your being beaten the crap out of.

    Bring on the next patch so we can absorb more and be like the wrath priests we once were )

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    I think you should post this in the PvP forum, as what you should gear / gem for usually depend on your current comp, popular comp, if you do BGs, 2's, 3's, 5's, if you're usually the person being focused or not.

    Edit: You also did not tell us which spec you are

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    what i did was mixing in the start with honor gear, never pure gems eg res/int or int/spirit when blue. now that im max honor geared and obtaining the conquest gear i tend to survive better and my regen is fine, hence im focussing on output. int as main gem and when slot is yellow or blue ill gem combo int with spirit or resilience.

    my 2 cts

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    oh right stupid me, im playing disc/rogue. we have played some games for conquest points, but gonna start playing more on 4.0.6

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    i guess im going resi all the way, except hit on blue sockets

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    You don't need to go full resil in 2v2, if you have the full honor set you should be set for your resil needs.
    3v3 would be another matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menardi View Post
    What good is 100 SP or 1000 mana when your dead?
    please never use that argument >.<

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