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    For my set up right now I have the Intellect Meta +2% Mana ( Ember )
    Spirit - 2616 (Unbuffed)
    Combat Regen - 3729 (Unbuffed)
    Spell Power - 6645 (Unbuffed)
    Intellect - 4701 (Unbuffed)
    Mana - 92,642 (Unbuffed)
    My current setup is 2 Int trinket, Witching Hourglass and Tear of Blood and i currently gem blue - +40 Spirit (Sparkling) Red - +20 Spirit +20 Int and Yellow - +20 Haste and +20 Int
    I average about 11k-13k HPS in 25 mans BWD depending on the fights of course and don't oom but that is just my setup I don't know how the rest off you work your regen out.

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    I finished my normals with 2100 Spirit, believe it or not, reforging out of Spirit for Haste or Mastery (whichever wasn't on the piece) while I waited for my 4pc11.

    When you find that you aren't coordinating (or sometimes even using) your cooldowns, potioning, and can run a night without flasking and still not have mana problems, well... Yeah. Regen's broken.

    That said, Heroics are made more bearable back at the 2600 comfort zone that 4pc gives.
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