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    Holy priest trinkets

    So I was very lucky during my heroic runs and got pretty much every healing and dps trinket pre-raid. Out of all these, which would be the best combo for a holy priest gearing for mastery?

    Gale of Shadows
    Tendrils of Burrowing Dark
    Blood of Isitet
    Witching Hourglass
    Sea Star
    Tear of Blood

    Sorry for not putting up links, forum won't let me

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: As for now, I'm rolling with Blood of Isitet and Tear of Blood for the regen.
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    I used to use the same setup (Heroic Isitet and Heroic ToB) pre-raid as Holy. At the time I was pretty satisfied with my throughput, so I found those two trinkets to suit me best. Being able to reforge Isitet was really nice, since I was going for a bit more haste at the time as well.
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    Thanks, I think I'll roll with those and keep the rest in the bank for when I favor throughput for regen.

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    For me I use Tear of Blood + Witching Hourglass for two amazing procs, I chose those two because Mastery that is on Blood of Isiset
    isn't amazing for a holy priest.
    Also what you could do if you have under 3200 Mp5 or so i'd roll with Sea Star and Tear of Blood since Witching Hourglass is more output healing then regen.

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    Tear of Blood and Witching Hourglass is the way to go. Replenishment says hello.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Tear of Blood and Witching Hourglass is the way to go. Replenishment says hello.
    Replenishment is actually a minor part of the mana Intellect gives. Mana pool, Shadowfiend, Hymn of Hope and increased spirit regen are all based on how much total mana you have.

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