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    Quote Originally Posted by Snes View Post
    What about raids? Should DPS go into raids without being hit capped just so they can roll on spirit gear?
    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. But I assume you're meaning that for an item to be a larger upgrade for me than a healer, that I'm under hit cap and want the spirit. Well here is a perfect example:

    Let's say I have blue shoulders. They have spirit and crit on it. Epic shoulders with spirit and haste on it would be a huge upgrade for me because haste is far more valuable. I'm not wanting it for extra spirit (although that would mean I could take the reforging off a single item) but rather for the other rating on it.
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    if it's an upgrade i'll roll on it. stfu, if you want to reserve loot go with a guild group

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zan15 View Post
    Hit is the best stat for casters, every caster....yep EVERY one
    some classes they are 2-5x better then any other stat
    INT is the best stat for every caster. yep EVERY ONE!
    For Shadowpriests, Haste is the next best and Spirit/Hit ONLY after that.
    For Enhancement Shamans (Yes, caster still!) Hit is way down there, nowhere near the top.

    Go do some theorycrafting and you might learn a thing or two.

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    that sums pretty much up what I read from that threat - at least from those who seem to be healers.

    get used to the fact that there is pretty much not one single item anymore that is useful for one spec only - dungen/raid drops ofc. because there is one green gun or so that has dodge or sth on it, which makes it useful for prot warriors only, and I'm pretty sure that someone will call me on that item otherwise °.^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avalya View Post
    And just make spirit cloth? While it would solve the "problem" (it really isn't) of having 2 different cloth sets (hit and spirit), it would mean that 3 classes, 9 (NINE!) specs would have to roll on the same gear.

    Spirit Cloth - 1 class, 3 specs.
    Hit Cloth - 3 classes, 7 specs.
    DPS Leather - 2 classes, 4 (+ feral tank) specs.
    Spirit Leather - 1 class, 2 specs.
    DPS Mail - 2 classes, 4 specs.
    Spirit Mail - 1 class, 2 specs.
    DPS Plate - 3 classes, 5 specs.
    Tank Plate - 3 classes, 3 specs.

    Spirit Accessories - 4 classes, 8 specs.
    Hit+Int Accessories - 5 classes, 9 specs.
    Agi Accessories - 4 classes, 8 specs (+ feral tank).
    Str Accessories - 3 classes, 5 specs.
    Tank Accessories - 4 classes, 4 specs.

    As you can see, hit cloth (and accessories) are used by the highest amount of classes and specs, but the loot is pretty equally distributed in raids (at least 25 mans), except for tanking items, because you only use 3 tanks in a 25 man, but other than that it seems to work just fine. If there was no hit cloth, or no hit gear at all (except for agi/str gear) then there would be way too many people rolling on them, resulting in either:
    - Half the raid being undergeared when you start working on heroic progress, or
    - Blizzard having to increase the drop chance (or quantity) of spirit items that drop.
    Neither of which are any good ideas. I'd rather keep having hit cloth, thank you very much. thinks you forgot about holy paladins, I believe we wear spirit plate, but I can't seem to find that in your list.

    Spriest/boom/ele rolling on spirit armor = fine
    spriest/boom/ele rolling on spirit neck/ring/weapon/off/relic... = fine
    Spriest/boom/ele rolling on spirit trinket = depends....if it's a spirit proc, then they are stupid...

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