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    Need a spell ID

    I'm trying to set up Power Auras to track Theralion's Mirror procs. It's called Revelations, but unfortunately, I also have Heart of Ignacious and its proc is Heart's Revelation and PA can't tell the difference.

    Anyone know the spell ID for Mirror proc? Couldn't find it on Wowhead

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    You can use the exact name of the buff. I had the same issue, but if you use "Revelation" and "Heart's Revelation" it should work.

    Edit: to answer your question, the proc ID should be 91024.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dotOrion View Post
    to clarify (i dunno how obvious it was):

    search whatever spell/item/whatever you want on wowhead, and the number after spell= (or item if its an item) will tell you the spell ID. Now you know, and wont have to ask here again ^_^

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    This is the normal version. The ID is '#91025'.

    #92322 for the Heroic version.

    Hmm, the ID's appear to be different on MMO Champion and Wowhead.

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