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    Was pretty boring to me. Only watched it because I saw a review on AotS where they said it was pretty cool, and it was on Netfix so I gave it a whirl. Waste of time in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesseract View Post
    First, i thought Saw was as depraved as a film could be. Then I saw this and this was the most repulsive thing i had ever watched. Until i saw Audition. Then i thought that THAT movie was as horrifying as it could get. But then some dudes from eastern europe made a movie called, "A Serbian Film." I am very confident that no one will make anything more disgusting than that, mostly because there is literally no where else to go outside of REAL snuff/rape films. A Serbian Film will traumatize you. It's a good movie with a strong cast of good actors, very good writing, an interesting and original plot. But it will be the most uncomfortable and grueling 2 hours of your life.
    Firstly, no. It's stupid, contrived, and made for one purpose alone - to disgust the viewer. Yes, it may be shot and acted with some conviction, but that's not laudable when the subject matter is so offensive and vile. It's basically a one and a half hour visual telling of the joke "The Aristocrats", with the punchline being "a Serbian family!"

    Oh, and August Underground's Mordum certainly tops A Serbian Film for sick value, but these pure shock films don't disturb me anywhere near as much as those that are well-made and have some artistic merit, like Salo, Irreversible or Martyrs. The imagery in these certainly isn't as sick as August Underground or A Serbian Film, but they leave a much bigger mental scar because they are very well directed, and actually have a purpose beyond being disgusting... though they're still much darker than The Human Centipede, which is just poor on every level.

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    One who wants to know all about this movie, and not actually watch the movie can get a whole synopsis from Tosh.
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    I had a great laugh watching this

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    What are you all 12 year old girls ? It was a really good movie, sorta reminded me of a hitchcock movie. I really liked it, and if you all want to see a movie that will scar you for life watch A Siberian Film.

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    I have one for all you guys out there

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    Right, this looks (reads, I don't even bother to watch wathever is related to this shit -pun?-) very, very disturbing. I only read the wikipedia page, and I can't take the image of my mind. Grrr. On the other hand, reading what A Serbian Movie was about made me sick. What kind of filth do people need these days? xD

    A well, everyone has it's own tastes, but this is just...just...*hides in a corner*

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    The part that disturbed the most didn't even have anything to do with the Centipede. When that IV ripped out of her arm, I don't think I've ever cringed that much in a movie in a longggg ass time.

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    Typical gross-out film. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but it was pretty nasty. Watching it atm. I'd say Saw movies were easier to watch, also the first four had a much better storyline. There really was no point to this movie other than the guy wanting to attach humans together. *shrugs* I wouldn't really advise anyone to watch it.
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    you guys are prudes. the movie is great.

    its a joke. the tagline on the poster was "100% medically accurate" i mean come on...

    well directed, good cinematography, creepy atmosphere, and some great bits of dark humor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longview View Post
    Fascinated by the idea, didn't really enjoy the movie.
    This pretty much, must say i was slightly disapointed they could have made so much more gore

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    I saw this. It sounded interesting but was very boring. Definitely not worth anyone's time.

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    I haven't watched it and im never ever going watch it. After one of my friends told me what the movie was about I promised myself never to watch it. Sorry, but im not into such sick disgusting movies.

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    ewwww, seems like Steinman finally got his own movie (Bioshock) =S
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    All I know is, the trailer made me feel sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jshadow View Post
    ewwww, seems like Steinman finally got his own movie (Bioshock) =S
    Hah not bad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vecks View Post
    The whole premise is sick.
    Its shows just how sadistic a director can be without any limitation.
    guessing you haven't seen salo.

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    this doesnt look to bad imo, normal sick horror movie imo, "a serbian film" is just the biggest load of disgusting and offensive bullshit I have ever layed my eyes on, some said it was a propaganda film made my anti-serbs to provoke the world against serbs.
    Dont know if that is true tho, dont hold it against me.
    The time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted at all.

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