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    Issue with radeon xd 4800 series video card

    Hey guys, was hoping that you could help me with a problem. I'm assuming I turned something on in catalyst control center and not knowing what I did wrong.

    Ok first of all here are my specs: gateway quad core processors, 6 gigs of ram, and the above video card in the threads title. I wiped my hard drive after a hack and forgot to reinstall catalyst control center until just now. But the issue is that the graphics looked great before I reinstalled it, I had everything turned up in the video options and the game (WoW) ran like a champ. I thought perhaps that after reinstalling ccc, could tweak the graphics even more and have an uber-riffic gaming experience. However, after reinstalling ccc my frame rate took a dump and now the game runs all choppy with the same settings it had before the reinstallation. Ive updated my drivers and my add ons are turned off. Could I have clicked something in CCC that hurt me more than helped? Any suggestions on what I could have done? Would I be better off just deleting CCC?

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    What particular card in the series do you have? Also try turning fiddling with catalyst AI and AA: AA because it effects frame rate pretty drastically and Ai because it can be finicky sometimes.

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