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    (UK) Build for ~600 GBP PC

    Hello computer forum on MMO-Champion, some of the regulars here are wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable on this stuff and i appreciate the resources of those minds being so easily available on this site. I read quite a few threads on self-built PCs before making my own and have a general idea of what i'm looking at buying over the next month, but i have a couple of questions.

    This is what i have so far:

    CPU: i5-2500k
    GPU: GTX460 768MB
    MB: ASRock P67 Pro3
    RAM: G.Skill RAM
    PSU: BeQuiet Straight Power 450W
    HDD:Samsung 1TB Drive
    DVD: LiteOn DVD RW

    My intention for the machine is basically to play wow and watch porn at reasonable levels.

    I'd appreciate any feedback on anything that might be wrong about that. The only PC I've ever built from scratch was with my dad nearly five years ago, so i'm no expert at this. I just wanted better value for my money than a ready-built tower.

    Something i'm missing is a case. I'm a uni student who can just about get away with being a massive nerd so i'd like something that looks a bit flashy, but nothing OTT. I was afraid anything i chose wouldn't have accommodated the parts I've got down.

    Finally, I'm a little apprehensive about actually building this machine myself. I would much prefer it if i could 'take it to a proper man' and let him do it while i cower in inferiority. So if anyone could recommend an institution in the UK that's able to do that i'd appreciate it.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Aria PC have a deal at the moment for a pre-built machine and "Free" Overclocking included for around £650. A web only deal and they only have 4 left in stock. Similar parts to what you want and in some cases better parts (except the PSU).

    By all means have a look. Including delivery its around £660 if you can push your budget slightly. Saves paying "a proper man" to build it for you. You get 1 year's warranty for the build itself and also a nice case to boot.

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    How much RAM are you getting?

    Get a reputable PSU. a 650W would be good for you, and should cost around $100-$140 depending on sale prices. Make sure it's 80 PLUS certified, doesn't matter which 80 PLUS.

    GPU is weak, you need at least a ~$200 superclocked GTX 460 1GB if you want a GTX 460, otherwise consider a radeon 6870 or wait for the new GTX 560 to be released.

    CPU, MB, HDD, DVD are all good, RAM is probably good depending on how much you're buying
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