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  • Guardian

    47 37.01%
  • Defiant

    80 62.99%
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    Im choosing Guardian's. I simply cant stand any of the 3 races on the Defiant or else i would be on their side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fojos View Post
    Not entirely true. They don't practice a religion. They simply fight for the gods (real gods, unlike religions).
    When powerful beings are considered gods, it's a religion.

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    ''No heretic defiant shall unmake our world!''
    yeah guess what i play?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaybles View Post
    P.S. The Defiant don't have dwarfs.
    Hence why they shall fall, and the chosen ones will stand, and fight!
    Go dwarves!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mothhive View Post
    When powerful beings are considered gods, it's a religion.
    Well in many fantasy settings the existence of gods are facts and not a belief like Christianity or something - a good example would be the D&D setting Forgotten Realms, in that setting everyone knows the gods exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mothhive View Post
    When powerful beings are considered gods, it's a religion.
    Religions don't need to have gods, they don't pray, they don't share the same life-view (other than destroying regulos and getting rid of defiants).

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    Right, ok then, maybe what I said is only applicable in the real world, not a fantasy world, but even in a fantasy world, the following things (all taken from the offical Rift website) sure make it sound like a religion:

    They have a "holy city"
    The Guardians come from among the three races most devoted to the gods
    They seek redemption from their gods for their sins
    They consider their wars as "Crusades"
    Anything that they don't agree with is considered blasphemy (e.g. The Defiant are blasphemous because they don't worship the gods and instead rely on technology)

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    I rolled defiant. I never did anything but run around saving villages and people, proving my worth as a defender of the world. I'm a saint!
    I rolled guardian and got told to rush out and stomp on the other kids' sand castles cause I was special. I'm a bastard.

    For the looks, I like the machines everywhere. Its more interesting.

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