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    Cool FROST DK - Duel wield vs 2h

    I have been having a hard time deciding which to go with for pvp. Ive checked several specs on 2v2 ladder for arenas and lots of random specs for different options but still cant figure out which basically will do most dmg. My belief is that duel wielding will proc obliterate, and frost strike etc. more frequently than 2h? And 2h would have alot more burst dmg and more runic power regen?
    I'm duel wielding now and seem to be getting good results. Ive also read that keeping spell hit and special attacks zeroed out is really the only thing that matters for dueling. Not worrying so much about melee hit. Which is a lot! Also, really not sure about expertise being valid in pvp but i make sure and keep it caped anyways. I guess my question would be is 2h, with the easy 8% hit cap for melee, really that big of a dps difference compared to duel wield?

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    Depends on the situation. If you're always on your opponent, then it's dual-wielding. But in most cases, you might have to go 2H since they usually don't sit still. You don't have to be expertise capped for PvP'ing since you're usually trying to get behind them and they can't dodge or parry from behind (unless they have an ability to do so). So all you'll need is the hit (which I think it's 8% due to spell hit). I know for sure that procc'ing Killing Machine doesn't matter too much whenever you're dual-wielding or with a 2H. It would seem to get it more frequent as dual-wielding, but it's just as much when you're using a 2H'er.

    To answer your question though, maybe higher, but it's all about sticking to your opponent(s).
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    [doo-uhl, dyoo-] Show IPA
    noun, verb, -eled, -el·ing or ( especially British ) -elled, -el·ling.
    a prearranged combat between two persons, fought with deadly weapons according to an accepted code of procedure, esp. to settle a private quarrel.


    [doo-uhl, dyoo-] Show IPA
    of, pertaining to, or noting two.
    composed or consisting of two people, items, parts, etc., together; twofold; double: dual ownership; dual controls on a plane.
    having a twofold, or double, character or nature.
    Grammar . being or pertaining to a member of the category of number, as in Old English, Old Russian, or arabic, that denotes two of the things in question.

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    Was half-asleep when making the post, so calm down. But regardless, you might want to go 2H since the uptime isn't 100% like PvE content.
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    I actually have not tried frost dk for pvp. I was an Unholy dk in wrath and that got me damn near full relentless with some wrathful and 1100 rating (i know its not LEET but) and now i returned to my unholy spec with revisions for the spec changes and i see to be doing good. with unholy you're almost always on your target wether its you, your gargoyle and your pet or just you pet because right now the pets for dk hit about average white damage melee that an 85 would do that includes the glyph and speccing into the shadow infusion talent

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    my rating for first week with shit gear (only bout 600 resil) is 950 and its a DK-Warlock or DK-Warrior team unorthodox teams yes but they seem to be working. the big thing with unholy is kiteing because if you are kiteing a warrior as unholy most of the time your diseases are proccing at about 2k-7k with an occasional death coil and chains + your pet is wacking on him and can stun him and for healers spam necrotic strike like you are hitting a bong and want to impress your friends you spam spam spam spam spam EAT SPAM BREATHE SPAM SMOKE SPAM and they usually either blow all the mana they have or die because your partner has come to help (this is 2v2)

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    I do like frost as a pve spec the crits and burst dmg is insane esp for 2h because i was getting up to 30k oblit crits with procs and 11k x ? (? being number of mobs in a group) howling blast x4-5 depending on how many runes were active and whether or not i had freezing fog. how ever i did some dueling against a druid and couldnt stay on him long enough to hit him with much of anything before he killed me granted it was a purely pve spec without chillblains or lichborne or palehorse (which is debateable pvp talent anyway) but i still got him pretty low but in the end lost

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    2H for frost PvP, especially with it getting buffed next patch.

    I still think Frost is plenty valid in arenas (I prefer it to unholy honestly); there is just a bit more too it than NECROTIC STRIKE X500. (you still use it in frost but it's not as spamable as in unholy).

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