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    Blade&Soul some info pls

    So I was checking out mmorpg videos in youtube this game blade&soul came across.I reall liked it.It looks cool and fast game play some combos etc. Yeah it is an asian game i dont like asian mmorpgs but this one reminds me Tekken/soulcalibur in mmo. I would like to try it out but i couldnt find much info about it when it is release or is it console only ? if its console only game it would be a shame really.

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    NCSoft MMO, Release maybe in 2012. Playstation3 and PC.
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    Thanks Mistral.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistral View Post
    NCSoft MMO
    And that's all I need to know.

    Scratch this game off my list.

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    Seriously don't play any game made by NC Soft this company is horrible and treat their players like a trash. I spent over 5 years playing Lineage 2 and later 2 weeks in Aion. If you want similar game check out TERA Online (It's based on Lineage 3 source code which was stolen and made by the other company.) TERA is also made on Unreal 3 Engine like B&S but it's more accessible for the western players. Actually I tried out TERA during Open Beta in Korea and game is good, combat system is great but after WoW no one can satisfy me with amount of content within game.

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    the animations looks really cool, but the combat style looks incredibly slow, clunky/awkward, and frustrating.
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