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    Dead Space 2

    I haven't gotten it yet due to lack of funding, but is anybody else as excited as me for this game? Anybody have it yet? I thought that it looked great judging by the trailers I've seen for it, and it's gotten pretty good reviews so far, but I want some personal opinions before I get it. Is it as good as the first one? Better? Worse?

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    I thought it's not out till the 28th? Well thats when i am getting it! The first one was fantastic, they went against the flow of you are the "one man army" kind of person, (Call of duty and the likes.) and made you an engineer that, when on impossible mode, was better off running than fighting I mean you only had one military weapon, the rest were designed for breaking rocks! it was quite the new genre of game i thought.

    But although number 2 looks better, it looks like once again, he is equipped now with carnage machines and death bringers. Challenging.

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    I'm a wimp when it comes to horror games. Although they did try to make isaac like a superhero and not some regular dude like hes supposed to be. When you got guns and you can take down monsters easily, it begins to become a lot less scary.

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