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    Eve has huge pvp battles, but it's not good pvp. You spend the whole battle managing lag. I think one battle crashed the server a few months ago.

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    Best pvp in mmo's was Guild Wars, untill the bots startet ruining the fun.

    Nowadays I'd say Bloodline: Champions is probably best. If you haven't checked it out yet, I suggest you do while it's still fresh.

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    Heroes of Newerth, fer sure. League of Legends is fun too but not as well-balanced.

    If you wanted skill-based PvP, why didn't you start playing DotA?
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    Pirates of the Burning Sea has some of the best PVP I have played.

    And unlike WoW the PVP actually matters and causes changes in the world.
    Here you attack a town/port and you win the battle you take control of that port for your side and you get one step closer to winning the map.Once the map is won by a side it resets and starts again.

    PVP also affects the economy as players are not as willing to risk running their cargo through a PVP zone due to risk of losing their ship and cargo they were carrying hence they lose of a good chunk of their money replacing the cargo and the ship they lost.

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    Warhammer online had the most fun PVP experience i have ever seen in any Mmo's
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    Level and gear based capabilities tends to mean that the game is already off to a bad start when it comes to PvP. I would look outside the mmorpg genre entirely for truly good gameplay.

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    WoW good PvP? I probably haven't seen most unbalanced PvP in any other game...

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    Starcraft or Starcraft 2. You get everything you need to win right off the bat, and it's up to skill after that. No items, no equipment, no enchants, no perks, bonuses, unlockables, nothing that puts you at an advantage over the other player except for skill. In WoW, you can farm enough gear to overpower other players. In Team Fortress 2, achievements give you access to skills and weapons that other players might not have. Not so in Starcraft... even playing field.

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    Guild Wars
    its based on skill and teamwork, gear doesnt matter (you can get the best gear for free - PvP characters)
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    Played some Bloodlines Champions, that was fun.
    Orks, Space Marines, Rift (<---- Links for pics BTW)

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    Asheron's Call, was an amazing pvp game. But, sadly it is pretty much dead now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoneutria View Post
    Ultima Online, I hope something similar will be made.
    Finally somebody who knows what it's all about =).

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    Checkers, marbles, jacks and others are all better than wows pvp system

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    Quote Originally Posted by iDot View Post
    Asheron's Call, was an amazing pvp game. But, sadly it is pretty much dead now.
    You might be suprised at how many folks still play the game.

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    PvP is a really broad term here. If you're implying MMO, there are tons out there.

    As for a competitive multiplayer game, Starcraft 2 and Heroes of Newerth are both very good and very competitive multiplayer games.

    They also have absurd learning curves and will require you to put forth a good deal of effort to reach competency at.

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    UNREAL TOURNAMENT ... Deck 16 come on!

    But who can say they have really played enough variety to judge?

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    Shadowbane, rest its soul.

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    Definitely SC2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Be11o View Post
    UNREAL TOURNAMENT ... Deck 16 come on!

    But who can say they have really played enough variety to judge?
    I never played original UT much but I friggin loved UT2k3, played that for a good couple years non stop. To my eyes it had a perfect mix of simplicity with just enough complexity to make it interesting, can't stand games like CoD in comparison since I loved the whole jumping around like a fkin lunatic at 100mph aspect. Was so sad when 2k4 came out and most servers died
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoneseek View Post
    wow isn't a pvp game
    Depends on what server you are on, LOL. I am a PvE server so for me it isn't, but I have a guildie who came from a PvP server and they used to have to meet in a comman area and ride to MC as a group in hopes of getting a lock and a few people in to summon the rest, LOL.

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