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    What type of tooth brush do you use?

    electric or manual?
    personally i use an electric, i think it does a better job.
    another question just for fun. how often do you brush?
    i brush twice a day 3 times on the weekends( i have school so brushing my teeth in class doesn't work )
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    My parents (for once) gave me an electric toothbrush for christmas (Oral B 5000) and I luuuuuv it! Only thing I can't seem to get used too, is the feeling of me getting a concussion when I brush the teeth in the back lol xD

    And I brush twice a day since my gums are sensitive and tend to get insanely sore if I brush more than twice a day, but I also use Colgate mouthwash up to 3 times a day

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    I love my electric toothbrush. I hate brushing my teeth (because it's boring) but I always brush my teeth (because dirty mouths are gross), so reducing the amount of tedious hand movements necessary for this repetitive task makes me happy. The end.

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    I'm scared of fatally injuring myself with an electric toothbrush so I use a manual.

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    I use a manual that why one arm is bigger than the other?
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    I'm scared of fatally injuring myself with an electric toothbrush so I use a manual.
    ^This. Manually seems to have worked for people for, since forever. (Reference to my own sig, shoop da woop!)
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