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    Dc universe!

    Is anyone playing this game, is it worth picking up? would the "lifetime subscription" be worth it?

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    It is fun to play and try out all the different powers and weapons, but i doubt it will hold my interest in the long term

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    It depends. If youre looking for WoW replacement (another WoW) then RIFT is the game. If you're looking for something fresh and different - then go DCUO. Also check the thousand other threads about DCUO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uraken View Post
    Is anyone playing this game, is it worth picking up? would the "lifetime subscription" be worth it?
    DC Universe Online is definitely a game worth picking up. The story is tight and well told, the combat is innovating among the MMO's available and the power combination is somewhat impressively balanced with all factors taken into count.

    The lifetime subscription is as far as i know available after you've purchased a subscription for what ever you like anyway, so i wouldn't rush into that.

    Buy the game, register you credit card and claim your free month. For a normal gamer, a month is more than enough to get to max lvl and try out at least every aspect of the game if not clear everything as the state is now.

    I do not know the state of end game play, but the instances have surprising mechanics and the difficulty span is pretty tense. I hear that raids are way to easy, but hell, it's their first MMO.

    All in all, if you buy the game and claim your free month on Steam, it will cost you 45$. This will put it at a lower rate than a single player game for the first month. So it's totally worth it even if you don't like the end game, the solo content is worth your money
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    I think I will actually pickup DCUO and try something renewing instead of World of Warcraft for a while. I've been playing WoW for almost 6 years and now its getting really petitive.

    I know that DCUO will put me into the same position of "gearing up" my toon, but its a different game-play. I've watched a few of Totalbiscuits(halibut) videos and I must say, it looks fairly interesting!

    Though the "Trailer" which is in fact 6 minutes long is fairly rough and very.....bloody/nasty.

    I guess I'll give it a go :-)


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    Quote Originally Posted by uraken View Post
    Is anyone playing this game, is it worth picking up? would the "lifetime subscription" be worth it?
    I got the game and must say its worth of testinf if u r into hack'n'smash style combat etc.
    Anyway I didnt like the pvp its too non tactical for my taste and pve is pretty much killing huge amounts of bosses adds.
    This is really worth of trying and some of ya may even like it really much.
    For me pvp is what makes game playable and I didnt like this kind of pvp so Im selling my account to anyone who got 20e :P
    About half/ bit over a half month gametime left. Bought it from Steam so u need to just download it to ur computer from their site if its possible and I can sell ya the account which aint like wow accounts that r bound to the buyers name. >.<

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    Read the IGN ongoing review, it's pretty spot-on for most part, though I personally think it's way worse than the review makes it seem. He brings up valid stuff at least.

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    5 from my guild tried it, Few with steam few with buddy codes....

    Level 1 - 30 was kinda fun, as all new game are..but took me 5 days, and took one from my guild under 2 days to reach level 30...

    The city looks nice whilst you're busy questing, but then you realise the city is dead..its just a back drop to nothing, the building cant be entered..apart from a few but that's zoning in ones, the people on the street cant be spoken too, they do nothing apart from run now and again..

    You have Police stations dotted about and a watchtower space station thing, and that is the only interaction with NPC you have, there is not interaction within the city, its dead..

    The game burns itself out very fast...

    And all 5 of us haver cancelled and uninstalled this game, It get gets boring very fast..

    This game offered a Life time sup for around 200 buck from the start any MMO that offer that from the off set have other intentions..

    The game has many issues like the chat system is nasty, its got a massive dumbed down console feel, the UI does nothing you have no Mouse pointer so no interaction on can't click people or the chat box..

    This is A Console game...nothing more.....

    3/10 gets boring really fast..
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