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    Just tried disc priest on new version of the PTR and i got to stack upto 50k on the tank while doing a heroic.. while in combat a 50k buff !! OMG !! Seriously... isnt that OP ?
    My PW:S was like 50% off while i got to stack all that.. yee i was over healing.. but as long as i was getting more DA on the target the more i overhealed just to see how much could i get to.. and OMG 50k !! thats like the double of any greater heal from any spec. Is that going to remain this way ? I dont know how is discipline gonna end on Cataclysm but if i can do that in my blue gear on the PTR, Wellcome 4.0.6.
    .... its like playing a pala, using all cds and spamming divine light. then going "OMG wasnt that op :O"

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    That is some nice change. I cant wait to see it on live!

    Question : Can anyone tell me how much exacly does PWS absorbs now after that 200% buff

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    Depends on your gear. Mine were hitting for 24.6k unbuffed on PTR though.

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