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    Disc PvP Spec

    Hey guys, I'm a little confused over how to spec my disc priest for pvp (mainly BG's) and was wondering if any of you had any suggestions. Ideally without evangelism/archangel just I find myself almost focusing solely on healing while i'm pvping but if I'm being an idiot for not taking it just say

    Many Thanks.

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    then i suggest u go holy

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    The problem with playing defensively is that you aren't using a priest to their full advantage. After the next patch we are going to be the only class that offensive and defensively dispel 2 magic buffs/debuffs off players. If you want to be able to do that then you need at least 5% hit and 195 spell penetration so your dispels/fears aren't resisted.

    For spell pen - either get the epic cloak or blue with the 70 spell pen enchant (Very easy mats).

    For spell hit you'll have to either get twisted faith (2nd tier shadow tree talent - one point) or reforge/gem for hit.

    That is just something quick I came up with that has very little offensive talents and will have you hit capped.

    I would personally go with something like this

    It has evangelism and atonement which you will have to incorporate but they are very useful abilities in a BG or arena if you have a little downtime to help dps and sometimes the heal from smite (atonement) is a good way to keep up your target that you are healing especially if they are melee

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