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    Can you spot the difference SWTOR MMO thread

    swtor mmo video for fans:

    I have been getting just a tad tired of hearing about how Rift cloned Warcraft and threads popping up to downplay Rift for example "Post one reason Rift will fail" Negative threads aimed at ripping apart a video game.

    Let's discuss a video game that is not like warcraft at all. A video game that can't be down played or watered down. That has a pre loyal fan base to support it. Voice overs from quest givers NPC, Epic long storylines, PVE content and PVP. That is maybe ahead of it's time. Yes I'm talking about SWTOR MMO. No came has come close to how unique it is. Not saying it's a wow killer. Though I doubt it will fail.

    I'd like to hear from people flaws, if they can find any. Personally I believe this is a game you can't just brush to the side like the others.

    How well do you think SWTOR MMO will do?
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