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    Need help with what way to go, Disc or Holy for guild...

    Ive been playing holy ever since Cata released and have not played as Disc. However, Im trying to do whats best for the guild and as the only priest heals, I was wondering what should I go for. The other heals are Druid and Shammy. Odd thing to me is, they hae the shammy as Tank heals. I was kinda wtf with that and said so. I think they got the hint when he kept dieing on the trash and I finally decided to take over. I just want to be whats best for the guils. We arent hardcore, only one night a week do we raid, just want to make sure I am what we need.

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    Discipline and Holy are both viable tank healers, with Discipline edging ahead (barely), though the balance shifts further in its favor after the patch (probably next week).

    They are both viable raid healers, with Holy stepping ahead (again just a little bit).

    That said, each functions quite differently, and there's dispute to the gearing effectiveness of Discipline, so changing on the drop of a hat is likely to cause more problems than playing what you're geared, familiar too.
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