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    Stump of Time and Tendrils of Burrowing Dark

    Two threads in one day, getting crazy.

    Might be a stupid question, but do these two "cancel each other out" somehow? Share the same cooldown? I'll end up dumping Tendrils for Volcano come next Darkmoon Faire but stuck with it for now, just wanted to make sure it was effective. So: can both of them proc at the same time independently of each other, or are they tied together somehow and end up "either or"?

    Stump of Time says: Equip: Your harmful spells have a chance to grant 1926 spell power for 15 sec.

    Tendrils say: Equip: Your spells have a chance to grant 1710 spell power for 15 sec.

    Thanks again for the help.
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    Im pretty sure they can be up at the same time.

    For the record I know my Stump of Time and Bell of Enraging Resonance procced at the same time.

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