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    [Music] Songs About Life

    What Are The Best Songs About Life. Songs that either Teach a Life Lesson or tell a Life Story. IT could be any genre from Tupac to Pink Floyd.

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    More about the "Human condition" than about life, but I think this still applies.

    The song is from the perspective of Jon Schaffer's *Band's songwriter and leader* version of the Antichrist. A kind of dark messiah for a bunch of people who humanity pretty much murdered until there was only 10,000 left.

    After murdering all the people that could bring hope and enlightenment to humanity "as one song puts it, Jesus Christ to Kennedy", Set Abominae *The Antichrist* takes mercy on humanity because he sees a great "potential" in them.
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    Bit of an obvious one but;

    - Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

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    Ok, I can find no better examples of a song about life. This pretty much sums it up.
    From a goth band no less.

    From Dave Mustaine, a man who has probably done more things wrong than me and you ever could possibly do wrong, and still came clean in the end. He has an interesting perspective on life and death.

    Yes, the old version is better, but this one has a better meaning because of the more upbeat nature of this version.
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    Simple Man. Enough said. <3

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    Basically, nearly all of Rise Against's songs, if not all are based with things in real life.

    For example, Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against is about Fair Trade, Ready to Fall is about trying to stop global warming and one of their new ones Help is on the Way is one of their songs on their new album that are based around wars and events like Hurricane Catrina (I believe that's what I've seen on an interview).

    I think this song of theirs (Prayer of the Refugee) gives the strongest impact out of the rest of their songs.


    Also, another band called Yellowcard do something like that, not a whole lot though. Their song Believe is a tribute to the people who were effected by 9/11 I believe.

    I personally think that bands/solo acts that make songs about events that teach a lesson are instantly up on the top because they put great meanings into their songs.
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    Pretty much everything from Tool

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    The Human Equation album by Ayreon, it's awesome.

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