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    Shield Wall + Pain suppression stack ?

    Easy question, does Shield wall (the pally one also) and Pain suppression stack ?

    We're gonna try Chimaeron Hardmode this sunday, and my shadowpriest might go Disc for the fight, cuz th2 debuff from p2 land a DoTs, and AoE bubble spam = Winner (well we think, we're gonna see).

    Should I pop it on the tank when p2 start while he have shield wall or should I wait it fade (even if he might be dead at this point).

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    All (most anyway) "stack". But you won't say, have 2x50% dmg reduction effects on you and get 100% Dmg reduction. How it's calculated I'm not sure.

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    If i remember correctly it takes the first, highest reduction (Sw 50%, correct me), reduces the dmg and then takes the 40% off ps and reduces it another time, so not really stacking.

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    I believe that they stack, in a way.

    - For instance, Shield wall is UP. 1000 damage is now 600 damage (40% reduction)
    - Now, PS is UP (both CD up). SW was applied first so from 1000 you still go down to 600, and another 40% reduction is applied to this 600 damage, so 360 damage
    - SW fades : back to 600 damage received
    - PS fades : back to 1000.

    Dunno if its how it works though, but it makes sense. I would be very interested in proofs about this though =)

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    Its dmg x 0.5(shieldwall) x 0.4(painsuppresion) = dmg x 0.2 and so forth with other temporary buffs like inspiration etc.
    But: I dont know how a warriors stance (-10%) or even damage reduction from armor is being considered. If i recall right, in wotlk the damage was first reduced by armor and then eventual blocks. This damage was then reduced by buffs as stated above. I dont know if they kept it that way in cata. Everything chanced...

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    It doesn't matter what you take first. The result will always be the same. If you pop 2 different cooldowns that reduces damage by 35% and 50% as an example, you get hit for 65% x 50% damage = 32.5%
    The order of multiplier doesn't change anything AxB = BxA, so you would get the increased mitigation, but the effect will overall be lower because you will only reduce the damage of the allready mitigated incoming amount.

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    Thanks. then it stack, on a conventionnal fight it would be better to wait but I think for this fight we're gonna land it and pray it allow the tank to survive 1-2 more hit.

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    Mitigation effects are multiplicative, so (1 - 0.50) x (1 - 0.40) = 0.3 damage taken per point applied, so 70% reduced damage while under the effects of both.

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